• Hearst, WSJ Prepare Snapchat Discover Channels
    Hearst and The Wall Street Journal both prepare to launch new channels on Snapchat's Discover, a platform created specifically to help big media companies reach millennial viewers with short form content.
  • Subtitles Boost Long Form Video Engagement In Facebook's Newsfeed
    The addition of subtitles to long form video in Facebook's Newsfeed boosted viewer engagement and completion rates substantially, according to a new study by Adaptly and online publisher Refinery29.
  • Tinder Changes Algorithm
    Tinder, the world's favorite app for getting laid meeting new people, has adjusted its profiles and matching algorithm to allow users to add new information including employment and education.
  • Please, Please Don't Ask People To Be Nice To You On Social Media
    Desperately trying to fend off car hailing service Uber, The Victorian Taxi Organization recently launched a Twitter campaign called #YourTaxis asking customers to share their positive experiences with taxis, for a chance to win a year's free rides.
  • FOMO Linked To Stress In Teens
    I'm seriously considering starting a special monthly edition of this blog devoted to social media and psychology as more and more evidence emerges linking social media to stress, depression, and other negative outcomes in teens and adults.
  • Facebook Same Size As GE
    Facebook, which didn't even exist a little over a decade ago and makes no physical consumer product of any kind, now has the same value as General Electric.
  • Microsoft Dips Toe In Social Media With Skype Integration
    Microsoft is easing gingerly back into the pool with an integration adding social sharing to its Skype video chat service.
  • More Patients Willing To Let Doctors Access Social Media
    While medical professionals have been slow to adopt social media for work compared to other industries, ironically patients appear to be more willing to share their own personal social media information with doctors than with others.
  • Teens Use Social Media, But Don't Love It
    A new survey by Common Sense Media, which polled 2,658 kids ages eight to 18 about their media usage in February and March of this year, discovered widespread ambivalence about social media among its most avid users.
  • Facebook Bows 'Slideshow' Ads
    Facebook is rolling out its new "Slideshow" advertising format, which allows advertisers to deliver messages in the form of a series of images to create "video-like" motion, providing a less data-intensive option than actual video ads.
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