• Trump's Security Talk With Abe Documented On Facebook
    Donald Trump is coming in for a fresh round of criticism for discussing high-stakes global security issues with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in a public place.
  • China Loosens Social Media Censorship To Uncover Dissent
    The Chinese government has been loosening its grip on social media censorship, in part to better track dissent and nip potential protest movements in the bud.
  • NBA Bans Social Media Trash Talk
    The NBA is looking to curb "Twitter wars" between players by reining in teams' social media accounts.
  • Social Media Phishing Soars, New Trend Is Fake Customer Service
    Proofpoint's "Threat Summary and Year in Review" report shows that the number of "phishing" attacks on social media sites increased 500% from 2015 to 2016.
  • DHS May Require Social Media Passwords From Some Travelers
    The Department of Homeland Security is considering a rule to require individuals from the seven countries affected by the administration's recent travel moratorium to hand over social-media passwords.
  • Ireland Creates Anti-Bullying Watchdog
    Ireland has created a new regulatory watchdog with the mission of policing social media to keep children safe online.
  • Anheuser Busch Wins Super Bowl Ad Contest
    Using YouTube views as a rough index of popularity, Anheuser Busch's "Born the Hard Way" ad for Budweiser was the clear winner with 20.2 million views at the time of writing.
  • Detroit Gangs Make Hit Lists On Instagram
    Public prosecutors in Detroit have revealed that drug-dealing gangs in the city have been using Instagram to create visual hit lists of their enemies, with deadly consequences.
  • 'NYT' Plans Daily Edition On Snapchat Discover
    Published on weekdays, the Edition will provide a high-level overview of the news drawn from the NYT's existing Morning Briefing product.
  • Yup, Kardashian Jewel Thieves Tracked Her On Social Media
    So it turns out posting close-up pictures of a $5 million diamond on social media, and telling everyone exactly where they can find it, is not actually a good idea.
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