Tic Tac Offers AR App Experiences

Tic-Tac-PhoneTic Tac mints has launched a campaign featuring interactive advertising and mobile augmented-reality (AR) experiences. Custom mobile apps allow users to interact with outdoor and print media ads, packaging, and even with a Times Square billboard, among other activities.

The “Shake It Up” campaign aims to encourage Millennials to take unconventional, fun approaches to everyday activities.

The outdoor and print ads highlight facts about daily activities, such as "Most Americans spend 13 years of their lives watching TV" and "Eighty-four percent of people always sleep on the same side of the bed." 

With a Tic Tac Viewr mobile app (downloadable free in iOS and Android versions), fans can trigger interaction with those ads, as well as the mints’ packages, by pointing their phones or other tablet devices at them.



Each ad offers a different experience (such as context on how long 13 years really is), or games that challenge consumers to shake it up (for example, by moving to the other side of the bed). The Viewr app also generates tongue-in-cheek tips -- animated, with music/sound effects -- for shaking up one’s everyday life.

In addition, the app, designed by Merkley + Partners and developed by Total Immersion, offers Tic Tac Tibby -- which uses the boxes of the mints’ various flavors as backgrounds for a game in which the user scores points by tossing mints into the mouth of a 3-D character -- and up to 20 fast-moving microgames that provide a fresh perspective on everyday experiences.

Furthermore, in mid-February, consumers will be able to interact with Tic Tac’s first Times Square billboard, by using a second mobile app featuring AR capabilities. The app will generate a personalized, mini-billboard featuring the user’s image, viewable on his/her phone. That image can then be shared on the user’s Facebook page.

"In listening to our consumers, we learned that they want to be surprised and entertained. Our response was to create a campaign that inspires them to spontaneously break up their routine," said Noah Szporn, category manager for Tic Tac, a Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. brand.

“Millennials are a digital generation who can’t and won’t live without their smartphones,” added Diane Hernandez, group account director at Merkley + Partners. The campaign’s entertaining mobile, interactive experiences “recognize and celebrate this target’s desire for exploration and discovery, as well as their need for visceral excitement,” she said.

The Tic Tac Viewr can be obtained by texting “MINTS” to 313131, as well as by downloading it from the Apple App Store or Android Market.

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