How A Next-Gen Intelligent Marketplace Uses AI To Increase Media-Buying Efficiency, Sustainability

LoopMe, an ad-tech company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance, has launched an Intelligent Marketplace that it says creates a smarter programmatic ecosystem for buyers and sellers.

It also maintains high-bid matches for demand.

PubMatic CRO for EMEA Emma Newman believes LoopMe’s Intelligent Marketplace aligns with its commitment to manage the supply of ad inventory.

The Intelligent Marketplace offers an increase of 40 times in buying efficiencies for demand-side platforms (DSPs).

New dynamic filtering capabilities suppress 98% of supply that will not receive a bid.

The capability aims to deliver higher yield for supply partners and a better and more efficient programmatic buying experience.

This also provides a more sustainable marketplace, reducing the amount of impressions being returned and thereby reducing its emissions.

With this latest enhancement, LoopMe’s Intelligent Marketplace for supply and demand is greener by design -- delivering a fully certified, sustainable supply path for its global partners.

LoopMe also recently announced its carbon net zero-emission achievement as part of the company’s ongoing sustainability initiatives.

It leverages AI technology to filter all ad requests, and streamlines the process for demand partners and reduces processing by 98%, accelerating its commitment to providing industry-leading sustainable technology. 

With its roots in mobile in-app video and gaming, LoopMe has expanded to other screens including connected television (CTV).

The Intelligent Marketplace manages more than 300 billion ad requests daily, serving more than 50,000 apps and sites.

The latest generation of its unique personalized traffic shaping capability suppresses 98% of ad requests that would not be the right fit, delivering efficiencies and sustainability for clients like Magnite, PubMatic, StackAdapt, Unity, and Xandr.

The company supports more than 2 billion monthly active users in its DMP and unique data points on users in the Intelligent Marketplace.

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