• 105 Million Voice Assistants Projected To Access Smart Home Devices This Year
    More than 90% of voice assistants will be used to control smart home devices by 2024, according to Juniper Research.
  • Walmart Launches Self-Driving Car Pilot
    Company will test autonomous vehicle to move customer orders on two-mile route between two stores in the retailer's hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas.
  • 31% Of U.S. Homes Lack A Broadband Connection: Study
    "The so-called digital divide, between those that can or cannot make the best use of the Internet, can be clearly felt in rural markets."
  • GM's Cruise Postpones Driverless Taxi Service
    Cruise plans large-scale deployment to accelerate testing in San Francisco but has no immediate plans to allow public to ride in its self-diving cars.
  • Mercedes, Bosch To Open Driverless Parking Garage
    The world's first fully automated valet parking system is opening at the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage.
  • Dali Museum Takes Augmented Reality Mainstream
    Augmented reality has been kicking around for quite a number of years. Back in 2012, I sat down with the leadership team of augmented reality pioneer Layar at its headquarters in Amsterdam, a few years after its founding.
  • BMW, Tencent Team On Self-Driving Cars
    The push to automated driving continues along with the teaming of resources.
  • New Autonomous System Lets Lead Driver Control Following Vehicle
    At the Automated Vehicle Symposium in Orlando, Peloton Technology unveiled its vision for using a single driver to drive a pair of vehicles.
  • Porsche Links Virtual Reality Experience To Car Movements
    Porsche is taking a crack at what passengers might do for entertainment while riding in connected vehicles.
  • Consumer Tech Sales Heading To $400 Billion This Year
    Pushed along by artificial intelligence-enabled devices, in-vehicle technology and streaming services, the U.S. consumer tech industry will reach $401 billion in retail revenue this year, according to a new study by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).
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