Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for October 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Oct. 30, 2020
Ipsos Forecast Model Predicts 'Narrow' Biden Win: Cites Pandemic, Other Key Issues
This Just In From The Mars News Channel...
Gut Research Finds More 'Positives' For Biden, 'Negatives' For The Other Guy
Search Guru: Google Still Allowing Political Ad Disinformation
It's In Your Hands Now
Republican Voters Most Keen On Brand Role In Politics: Independents, Not So Much
While Ad Spending Crashed For Most News Media During Pandemic, Fox News Rallied 41%
Cable TV News Network Ratings Soar On Strong Election Interest
On Eve Of Election, Brand Interest Increases For 'Social Media'
Agencies Unleash Election Projects
Senators Question Tech CEOs About Online 'Censorship'
Biden Earns 119 Press Endorsements, Including 'The Economist,' Trump Gets 6
Harris Poll Reveals A Quarter Of Advertisers Boycotted Google, Too
When The Business Of Politics Ends Up In Business
Proposed CCPA Opt-Out Regulations Violate First Amendment, Ad Industry Says
Magic Johnson, Other Celebs Urge Voter Turnout In Color Of Change Spot
Agency Campaign Aims To Boost Turnout By Urging Younger Voters To Select Mail-In Option
A Billion Emails For Change: How Helps Causes With Its Marketing
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Oct. 19, 2020
Biden Word-of-Mouth Sentiment Turns Positive For First Time
Enquiring Minds Want To Know How Rupert Murdoch Became David Pecker
Study Finds Most Will Be Glued To Election Results, But Biden Supporters More Likely To Believe Them
Political Advertising Spend Hits Record $6.7 Billion
Biden Thumps Trump In Head-To-Head Town Halls
NBC's Trump Town Hall Coverage Lost Viewers, Probably Money, Too
Agencies Lend Their Talents To Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns
Ad Condemns Trump's Misogynistic Treatment Of Women
Dorsey Right To Apologize For Twitter Censorship
Snap, Pinterest Snapped Up Ad Crumbs From Facebook Boycott: Report
Survey: Women's Rights, Economy Among Top Mom Voter Priorities
White House Presses To Move Forward With TikTok Ban
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020
Madison Ave. Endorses Biden, Projects Him Winning Two-To-One
With Explicit Political Agenda, Patagonia Builds Its Brand
My Conspiracy Theory On Why Americans Are Playing An Increasingly Dangerous Game
Turns Out Twitter Has A Democratic Bias, So What
Facebook And Twitter Restrict 'New York Post' Story About Biden
Half Of Ad Execs Have Adjusted Ad Plans Due To Political Ad Clutter, Most Holding Back
Ad-Tech Group Warns Of Drawbacks In Potential CCPA Loophole
Dentsu, SeeHer Partner In Bid To Achieve Cross-Industry Gender Equality
Social Media Companies' Protections Face Continued Attack
How To Kill An Agency With 2 Words: 'Too Black'
Home Depot, Motel 6 Fire Richards Group After Founder's Racist Remarks
With Diversity Record Under Fire, P&G's Old Spice Pairs With Powerful 'Black Boys' Film
Shareholders Put Squeeze On Charmin, Push P&G To Improve On Deforestation Issues
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020
Biden Outspends Trump On National, Local TV Campaigns
Most Americans Fear Misinformation Will Sway Election, Cite POTUS As Super Spreader
Anti-Trump Negative Ads Resume With A Vengeance
Do-It-Yourself Presidential Engagement Evaluation
What Trump's COVID Status Means For Future Campaigning
What Will The Rest Of This Year Look Like? Go Vote And Let's Find Out
Right, Mr. President, Don't Be Afraid Of COVID. Be VERY Afraid
Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple Have Monopoly Power, Democrats Recommend Changes
Trump Renews Call To Repeal Platforms' Protections
Social Platforms Ban Death Wishes Against Trump; 'The Squad' Nails Twitter For Hypocrisy
Political Email Campaigns Use 'Devious' Fundraising Tactics, Princeton Study Finds
Saks Launches Voting Drive Campaign
Voting Effort Targets Gen Z In Swing State
Privacy Advocates Unveil CCPA Do-Not-Sell Tool
FCC Preps Order Affirming Net Neutrality Repeal
White House Makes New Push For Supreme Court Hearing Over Trump's Twitter Blocks
Facebook Finally Moves To Squelch QAnon, As Danger Is Magnified
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020
73 Million People Watch 1st Televised 2020 Presidential Debate, Down 13% From 2016
Fear & Loathing On Top Of The World
ABC's 'Black-ish' In Toon With Election Season
Facebook Bans Ads Seeking To Delegitimize Election, Removes Anti-Immigrant Trump Ads
Political Advertisers Turn To No-Skip DOOH To Reach Voters
Earned Media, Distractions May Count More In Politics
Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs Could Be Called To Testify
FCC Drops Appeal, Will Provide Data About Net Neutrality Commenters To New York Times
Republicans May Want To Regulate Facebook -- But Not Its Political Ads
Newsletter Opens Peaked During DNC, GOP Conventions: Study