MediaDailyNews Editions for April 2005
MediaDailyNews - Friday, April 29, 2005
Havas: Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Debt
Some Fear, Lots Of Loathing, But Mainly Business As Usual, Say Upfront Buyers/Sellers
Less Is More, More or Less
Audit Bureau Marks Readership Milestone, Releases 500th Newspaper Profile
Online Sets Ad Record, Is Now Bigger Than The Network Upfront
Ensuring Product Placement Continuity of Non-Branded Products
Amid Out-Of-Home Boom, Radio Giant Clear Channel Spins Off Outdoor
NBC, Cable Industry Begin Parental Control Campaign
With No Reporters Of Its Own, Yahoo!, Emerges As Vital News 'Packager'
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, April 28, 2005
Cable Feels Winter's Chill: Less-Than-Hot Ratings
Ready For The Invasion Of The Pod People? Infinity Is
Turner Taps Game Genre, Slates Online Network: GameTap
NBC Names Digital Media Chief
Discovery Names DR Sales Chief
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Auditors Find Huge Price Gaps In U.S. Ad Market, 'Size Doesn't Matter'
Einstein's Corner: ROI - Return On Intimacy
Bravo Upfront: Dalai Lama Meets Bobby Brown
Monster Puts YP, DM Agency On The Block
Time Moves On, History Goes Mobile
Report: Online Displaces TV, Newspapers As Favored News Source
It's Showtime For Verizon's New VOD Network
IRI Complaint Raises Europe's Ire, Probes Nielsen Unit For Antitrust
Software Marketer Doesn't Receive, Helps Make Nets' Upfront Pitches
MTV Makes Four Hires and Promotions
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Coen Revises Nets' Share Of Spending Upward, Ad Recovery Continues
Omnicom: Q1 Income, Revenues Surge
RadioShack Moves Account To Havas Unit
PIB Renews With TNS For Magazine Ad Tracking
ABM Boosts B-to-B Ad Database, Makes It Timelier
Yellow Earns Its Stripes, Directories Yield More Than Search
Reader's Digest Slates Rachael Ray Title
African-Americans, Hispanics Pay More For Media
Desktop-Based Broadcast Verification System Launched
Travel Channel Reaches New Border: 80 Million Subs
From Lifetime to Laugh Time: Comedy Taps Boreland
MRI, I/PRO Team For Smaller Sites
Ad Execs Team To Save Cookies, Other Digital Data Devices
MediaDailyNews - Monday, April 25, 2005
I Link, Therefore I am
DoubleClick CEO Kevin Ryan To Step Down After Sale
Fast Food: Not So Fast To Use Silver Screen
MediaPost, IAB Settle 'OMMA' Suit
Study: Best Online Ads Draw From Print Media
Paris And Nicole Turn Copywriters, Create Enormous Placement Deal
KSL Teaches Grey Goose to Edit
G+J Taps Kline As Publisher Of Child
MediaDailyNews - Friday, April 22, 2005
Cable Leads Upfront Once Again, Deals Quietly Begin On Turner, Discovery, Lifetime
Nielsen Eyes 21-Minute Prompts, Has 60-Days To Decide
People Are Getting Sicker, TV Appears Best For What Ails Them
Study: Marketers Care More About Media Targeting Than Cost
MTV Taps Univision's Furman
Apprise Media Acquires Canon Communications
Nielsen 101
Verizon Online Offers Video-On-Demand
Nielsen Past Is Prologue At History Upfront
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, April 21, 2005
New Ratings Meter Prompts Debate: Exactly When Should Nielsen Flash Lights During Shows?
Report: DoubleClick Nears Sale
Dramatic Influences in Reality TV
Arbitron Earnings Rise, Issues First Dividend
TV Develops Two R&D Entities, Neither Yet Has An Identity
CBS Taps MarketWatch's McLernon As Digital Sales Chief
Media Chiefs Pursue Holy Grail, Punch Holes In ROI
Magna Study Finds Surge In P2P Pirating Of TV Shows
Be Like Armstrong, Not Like Hamilton If You Want Good Press to Stick
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Half Of Media Buys Driven By ROI, TV, Online Dominate
Einstein's Corner: An Antonym for Predatory
Consumers: We'd Pay Extra for Better Ad Techniques
'Kojak' Gets More Votes Than 'FDR'
NBC Chief: TV Must Become More Interactive
Industry To Scrutinize All Of Nielsen's Local Ratings Markets
Swallen Ascends At TNS
Still Serving Time, Martha Stewart Raids Time Out
Zaremby Leaves Verance
Kelly, Scott's Evans Joins MediaMixNet
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Zenith Foresees 'Soft' TV Upfront, Rapid Online, Cinema Spending
ABC Laterals To ESPN: Cable Net Will Field 'Monday Night Football'
When Micro-Targeting Goes Amiss
ESPN: Americans Watching More TV 'Than Ever Before'
Study Finds Broadband Used To Get More Out Of TV
Infinity Plans 'Visual Radio' Broadcasts To Cell Phones
Martha Stewart Gets Sirius, Sets Radio Channel
Silver Screen Has Golden Lining: Ads Found More Effective Than TV's
Advertising 101: Be 'Disruptive,' Get Consumers To 'Hire Your Brand'
Forget 'Bells and Whistles,' Focus on Feeling, ARF Panelists Advise
SNTA Names 2005-2006 Board of Directors
InsightExpress Hires Execs From NFO WorldGroup
MediaDailyNews - Monday, April 18, 2005
Madison & Wall Raise Outlooks: Traditional Media 'Excellent,' Online 'Even Better'
GM Mobilizes Grass Roots Pressure on Press
Arbitron To Nielsen: 'Thanks But No Thanks' In Houston
MRI Parent NOP Sold
Arnold Goes to Hollywood
Placement Deal Sinks Product -- Literally
Adobe To Acquire Macromedia
TV A Big Factor Driving Local Web Purchase Choices
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