• YouTube Uber Alles
    Now that YouTube has announced a new $35 a month, 40-channel TV service, will some assert they have some unfair advantages?
  • Programmatic Radio Locks & Loads
    You may think radio is dying but it's a resilient medium; programmatic buying is a positive step.
  • The Return Of The Attack Of The Bad Ads
    Ad Lightning has come out with a study involving 605,000 examples of online ads that provide good reason for users to install an ad blocker.
  • Twitter Provokes Titters As Ad Revenue Drops
    Ad tech isn't getting Twitter. Its ad revenue dropped from $641 million in Q4 2015 to $638 million this year.
  • Snapchat Spills Its Secrets
    The Snapchat S-1, the only illustrated S-1 we have yet seen, reminds us of the bizarrely illustrated 1989 Time Warner annual report with the big headline "WHY?".
  • How I Got Ripped Ads
    If there is a programmatic indication that I will put up with five-minute ads, I would love to know what that is.
  • Getting Views By Not Appearing To Be Marketing
    The goal of a Budweiser World Series that has had more than 3.4 million views on Google's YouTube was to create a video that wouldn't appear to be marketing anything. Now there's an elusive goal.
  • Tech Targeting Failing? Yes, Say Researchers
    Is ad tech in trouble because the industry's ad targeting is failing?
  • Facebook Isn't Making Enough Money?
    Facebook is taking one of the first steps to becoming an unbeatable entertainment powerhouse.
  • Twitter Turmoil Reaches Asia
    Twitter is in turmoil, and advertising - or its lack - is at the center of it all. Now managing director for China, Kathy Chen, has departed the company.
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