Search Marketing Daily Editions for May 2013
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 16, 2013
Why Search Marketers Should Follow Google From Search To Results Engine
What States Use Bing, Google Most?
The Stress Of Hyper-Success
Google Ups Ad Strategy: Adds Conversational Search To Desktops
Yahoo Visitors Up, CNN Fastest-Growing Site
Google, NASA Form Lab To Study Quantum Computing
Google Takes Action Against Link Sellers
Google Announces Music Service, 900 Million Android Activations
Microsoft, Yahoo Inch Up To Nearly 30% Search Market Share
Glass Half Full: 10% Of Americans Say They Would Tolerate Google's Geeky Gadget
Google Plays A New Tune
Microsoft, Google At Odds Over App Ads
ANA Launches Analytics Competition, Seeks To Benchmark Impact On ROI
Larry Page Explains Soft-Spokenness
iOS Gains On Android
Using Customer Experience To Drive Strong B2B Relationships
Google, NASA To Study A.I. With "Quantum Computer"
The Wonders and Contradictions of Counting Audiences
Skift Closes $1 Seed Round
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 15, 2013
How Google's Sensor Networks Affect Advertisers
5 Steps To Measuring Real ROI From Social
Microsoft Puts Aside Rivalry, Integrates Google Chat In Outlook Email Service
How To Avoid Cart Abandonment
Tech That Secures Quality Content Will Drive Brands, Platforms
Marketers Must Think Quality Vs. Quantity
Cybersitter Settles AdWords Battle With Google
Beware The Bells And Whistles, 'Proprietary' Research Methodologies Are Often More Sizzle Than Steak
The Gratification of Instant vs. Deferred Rewards
Prepaid Smartphones Gaining Ground
Consumer Decisions in a Green Market
Will Google Announce Music Subscription Service At I/O?
Google Prepping Music Services
Larry Page Explains Soft-Spokenness
Careful Kids: Affluent Gen Y Spends Less, Invests More
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Bing It On, Yahoo
Jump Start Innovation To Leverage Digital Potential
Click Fraud's Days Are Numbered
AOL Builds Agency Team
Killing Third-Party Cookies Will Not Save Branded Publishers
Ailing Yahoo Search To Get Makeover
How G+ Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy
Google Readies Blink "Rendering Engine"
Android Users Beef Up Privacy Claims Against Google
Groupon Expands Merchant POS Services
SEO Framework For Ranking In Queries
Loyalty: Bartering The Private For The Personal
How To Combine SEO, CRO
ESPN To Marketers: Our Networks Key To Reaching Hispanic Men
Elusive Paid-Search Keyword Research Tips
Google Quietly Departs Feature Phone Era: Shutters SMS Search
The Inattentive Consumer: How To Break Through To Mobile Subscribers
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, May 13, 2013
How Search Becomes The Building Blocks For Online Services
Resolution Media Develops Tech For Campaign Data, Targeting
Penguin Update Expected Soon
How SEO Improves Site Optimization
Ailing Yahoo Search To Get Makeover
Mobile-Based Buyers Zero In On Purchase Data, Ad Targeting
Facebook 'Partner Categories' Boosts Ad Engagement
Content Is Consuming Us: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em
Tablets More M-Commerce-Friendly Than Phones
Mother's Day Hangover
Gevalia Rolls Out Videos, Facebook Sampling Game
Tips For Pricing SEO Services
The Future Of Virtual Tourism
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, May 10, 2013
7 Steps To Better Video SEO
Home Depot Ramps Up Mobile Spend
AP Research Shows Public Thinks Video Helps Them Understand News
Time To Rethink The Banner?
AOL Sharpens Sales Team, Must Pass IAB's Exam
E-Commerce Outlook Is Bright
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 9, 2013
Money Doesn't Grow On Trees
The Straw That Broke The Market's Back
Digital Coupons Impact New Product Awareness, Brand Recall
Mobile Marketing Spend Hits $6.7B In 2012, Forecasts Soar
Google Study Claims Massive M-Shopping Impact
Third-Party Ad Nets Impact AOL's Bottom Line: Small Rev Uptick
You're Doing It Wrong: 5 Ways To Do Sponsored Content Right
MEC Launches Digital Attribution Platform, Marketers Gain Consumer Data
What Kids Can Teach Us About The Future Of Mobile
Appellate Judge Says Google Books Offers 'Enormous' Benefits
LinkedIn Debuts 'Channels' In Revamp Of LinkedIn Today
Yahoo Trying To Kill Microsoft Search Deal
DirecTV Plans Apple-Style Voice Capability
'Made for Web' Content Work Just Fine For Advertisers, Says New Tremor Video Research
Is New Google Maps Near?
QR Code Use in Product Research Remains Minimal
OPA Taps Mallin As VP, Marketing
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Local Search To Increase Ad Views, Newsy Partner For Original Online Video Content
Google Enhanced Campaigns: Get Ready!
Chitika Extends Yahoo Ad Deal
Breaking The Bandwidth Barrier: Enabling Effective Video Ads
1-800-Flowers Ads Bloom On Social, Mobile Platforms
Bring On Good Measurement!
DirecTV Plans Apple-Style Voice Capability
The New Rules Of Content
What Marketers Can Teach Each Other About Metrics
Chute Adds $7 Million In Funding, Aids Brands With Online Ad Marketing
High-Risk Data Collection Seen Across Web Sites
QR Code Use in Product Research Remains Minimal
TV Guide Updates Android App
Baidu Takes A Big Step Toward Dominating Online Video in China
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 7, 2013
The Relationship Between Behavior And Search
Google Builds A Little iOS Fiefdom
Should We Re-Write The Rules Of Market Research? - Part II
Google Faces Mobile Patent Suit
Social-Search Engine Marketing Moves Into Ad Experimentation
Social-Mobile Purple Cloud Takes On Lead Generation
'Always Above The Fold': Audio Joins The RTB Ranks
Programmatic Display, AdWords, Or GDN For Online Targeting?
Ad Network Sees Shift To Tighter Mobile Targeting
Mobile Loyalty Programs - The New Home Run for Marketers
Four Steps For Diving Into Big Data
Google Files For Patent That Would Stop Emailers From Using 'Problematic Phrases' While Typing
Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, May 6, 2013
Real-Time Inventory Feeds For Shopping To Follow RT Ad Bidding
Microsoft Expands Bing Rewards, Members Earn Credits For Content Searches
Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Mid-Funnel Programs
IAB Releases HTML5 Guidelines For Digital Ads
Maximize Content: Search, Social, Syndication
Marketers Should Pay More Attention To Native Ads
Using YouTube API To Stream Live Content
Performance Marketing Can Help Email Marketers Acquire New Customers Online
Google Acquires MicroOptical Patents For Glass
The Gems Free Analytics Tools Hide
Google Hires Gaming Gugu
Email Must Build Engagement Into Customer Messages
Google Faces Mobile Patent Suit
Anti-Abuse Poster Visible Only To Children
Google Updates Smartwatch Patent
Programmatic Display, AdWords, Or GDN For Online Targeting?
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, May 3, 2013
Click To Call On Mobile Becoming A Disruptive Technology
Brave New Search World
Google Hires Gaming Gugu
Google Takes Financial Stake In Lending Club
Maximize Content: Search, Social, Syndication
LinkedIn Revs Surge, Testing In-Stream Ads
American Airlines Sees 400% Conversion Rate on Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails
Google Brings Fiber To Shawnee, Kansas
46% Use Mobile as Exclusive Research Tool in Shopping
How To Develop Cross-Device Content
Companies Customize Email To Data Demands Of Client Base
How To Use AdWords Automated Rules
Data Is At The Heart Of All Good Email Programs
Mobile Lag: 45% Of Marketers Still Don't Have A Mobile Presence
Barnes & Noble Adds Google Play To Nook HD
Gamers Are Online More Than Ever
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