Search Marketing Daily Editions for April 2015
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 16, 2015
Bing's 20% Search Share Could Take More Ad Dollars
Search Insider Summit Call For Thought Leaders
Nationalization Threatens Google's Internet
Yahoo Mail Contact Cards Add LinkedIn, Twitter Data
EU Charges Google With Distorting Search Results
Yahoo, Microsoft Restructure Search Alliance
Facebook Testing "Away Message"
Google Adds Programmatic TrueView Ad Buying Format In DoubleClick Bid Manager
Gannett, ViewLift To Develop Sports Video Services
Google Accused Of Harming Consumers By Promoting Own Shopping Service
New Research Shows Online Video's Rise
Digital Engagement Index
More Adults Watch TV-Video Content
Data-driven Marketing Is All The Rage But Are Clients Ready To Act?
Five Predictions For The Future Of Programmatic
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Near Me Searches On Rise
Use Search To Maximize Recruiting Efforts
Programmatic Ties That Bind Web To Broadcast TV
Native Advertising Shakes Up Agency And Brand Ecosystem
Search Insider Summit Call For Thought Leaders
Dentsu Aegis Acquires Forbes Consulting Group
Complicated Search Algorithms Impacts Small Companies Mobile Efforts
Will Google Connect Mail, YouTube To Target Search Ads?
Mobile Banking Seen for Wearables
Mobile Payments Grow Globally
Is Yahoo Closing In On Foursquare For $900M?
Twitter Redesigns Homepage, Focuses On Topics
How To Use Term Frequency Analysis
AI's Predictive Thinkers
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Amazon Search Share For Products Rises
Search Insider Summit Call For Thought Leaders
A Google Shopping Case Study
Google Experimenting With Answer Box
Rakuten Eyeing PopSugar For $580M
Mobile Commerce to Hit $19 Billion in Market, Says Study
Time Warner Cable Boosts Speeds In Charlotte, N.C.
Copy That Connects: 3 Tips for Better Digital Ads
Use Search To Maximize Recruiting Efforts
Still More Evidence Links Facebook To Depression
You Say Tomato, I Say Content: How ConAgra Leveraged A Story To Market A Brand
Bing Ads Launch iOS Mobile App For iPhone And iPad - Will Advertisers Invest?
Why Brands Need To Shake Gen Y Obsession
Wearables May Be Next Consumer Communications Channel
Analyst Brian Wieser Urges Holding Company Investors To 'Exit The Sector,' Or 'Move To The Sidelines'
Advertisers Need Attention Balance To Sell More Stuff
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, April 13, 2015
Clinton Announces Run For Presidency As Republicans Strike Back With Online Ads
Brands Diversify YouTube Ads, Rack Up 102.8 Million Views
Mobile Traffic Hits 46%, Sales at 36%
Google Raises Its Game In Cloud Services
Ad Exec Says Traditional Agencies Will Never Understand Digital Marketing
Linking Digital Ads To In-Store Visits Continues To Spread: Tapad, Placed Ink Deal
There Is A Bear In Madison Avenue's Woods, And It's Kicking Back: Analyst Says Agency Rebates Are No Bull
Analyst Brian Wieser Urges Holding Company Investors To 'Exit The Sector,' Or 'Move To The Sidelines'
Unlimited Data Is Irresistible Temptation
Rising Demand For Original Content Drives Greater Share Of Marketing Budget
LinkedIn Elevate Encourages Company Staffers To Curate Content
Microsoft Introduces Tool to Fight Spam For Commercial Email Users
Mobile Video Is Growing Up Fast
BuzzFeed Deletes Story That Was Critical Of An Advertiser
Spotify Asking Users To Tweet Ads
More Data Shows Apple Watch Selling Well
DBO Works With Search Engines To Block PayDay Lenders
6D Global, Google Technologies Ink Partnership
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, April 10, 2015
Hilton Gives Travelers What They Need Before They Need It
27% of New York Agencies Fail Google's Mobile-Friendly Test
Microsoft Studies Behavior, Makes Changes To Bing Image Search
Vibrant Media Enters Pre-Roll Video Market
For Digital Marketing, Targeting Can Be Deadly
YP Integrates Uber Into Local Business Listings
Google Celebrates Commitment To Hispanic Market
FCC To Examine Verizon's Supercookies
Mobile Video Will Pass Desktop In 2016
Agency Creates Google-Like Site For Crazy Swedish Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Rising Demand For Original Content Drives Greater Share Of Marketing Budget
Quit Wasting Ad Spend: 3 Ways to Improve Ad Viewability And Strengthen The Digital Ecosystem
Twitter Retires Activity Tabs, Moves Trends To Search Page
Google Celebrates TrueView Video Ad Birthday With Larger Link Boxes
Digital Engagement Index
Retailers Must Adapt For When Wearables Become Mainstream, YouGov Says
Microsoft Introduces Tool to Fight Spam For Commercial Email Users
How Memex Searches For Crime On The Dark Web
You Searched For This; I Will Personalize It With That
Calculating ROI Isn't Simple; Here Are Steps To Get Started
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 9, 2015
New Yahoo Mobile Search UI Images Surface
Twitter Testing New Search Interface
Mobile Payments Become Marketing Tool For Dunkin' Donuts, Shopify, ChowNow
Facebook Debuts Messenger, Web Site For Exclusive Chat
Google Alerting YouTube Content Creators About Subscription Service
Spending Up, But Marketers Still Have Big Digital Blind Spots
Paid-Search Analytics Metrics Revisited
Location-Based Data Firm Gravy Raises $7.6M In Round Led By Gannett
Clinton Campaign's CTO Comes From Google
Sources Shoot Down Talk of Google Taking Over Twitter
Coca-Cola Takes Top Marketer and Top Brand In Global Effie Index
IAB Unveils Digital Audio Buyers' Guide
70% of Marketers to Increase Email Usage This Year
Digital Engagement Index
IAB Reveals Record Spending -- But Why The Mobile Attention Disconnect?
March Madness Favors Brand Ad Lift For Cadillac, Apple, and Sprint
Google Considering Buying Twitter (Rumor Has It)
Google Celebrates Commitment To Hispanic Market
In-Store Mobile Shopping: 61% Compare Prices, 52% Use Shopping Lists, 49% Take Product Photos
Don't Wait To Provide A Great Customer Experience
Silver Linings Emerge From Dark Cloud Of Ad Fraud
Yahoo Exerts More Control Over Tumblr
Are Timesheets Killing Innovation?
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Programmatic Giving Search Marketers Opportunity To Oversee Other Media
Yahoo Adds Mobile Native Audience Targeting, Apps Create Digital DNA
YouTube Increases Interactivity In TrueView Video Ads
Google Defeats Class-Action Over In-App Purchases
New Ooyala IQ Casts Wide Tech Net For Analytics, Heads For NAB Show
Digital Engagement Index
Google to Connect Search With Home-Service Providers
Twitter Testing New Search Interface
SEM In The 'Mad Men' Era
Brands Give Instagram's Carousel A Whirl
An Apple Watch Could Change Your Life
YouTube Kids Will Have To Be Clearer If Launched In UK
Google Considering Buying Twitter (Rumor Has It)
The Good, Bad & Ugly Of IAB's Definition of Native
The Experian Credit Tracker App
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Search Appears To Play A Role In Facebook Outpacing YouTube With Most Video Ad Buys
YouTube Kids User-Generated Content Accusations At Heart Of Unfair Practices
SEM In The 'Mad Men' Era
Google Adds Benchmarks To Keyword Planner
The Messy Part Of Marketing
Tips For A Smoother Google Mobile Algorithm Transition
Merkle Acquires Pointmarc, Gains Analytics Consultancy Services
EU Courts Work Through 'Right To Be Forgotten'
Google Must Face Lawsuit For Sharing App Purchasers' Names With Developers
Post-Rocket Fuel, Internet Ad Pioneer John Nardone Sets Sights Back On Sites, Joins Ad Server
YouTube Pushes Ahead With New Format That Improves Video Quality, Squeezes File Size
High-Energy Ads May Work Against You
Consumer Psychology Isn't Always Complicated
Sideswipes: How To Find Role Models For A Human Pace Of Life
Tech Companies Press For Anti-Discrimination Laws
US Hits #1 in Online Retail Sales Rank; China 2, UK 3
SMS - Beyond Offers
Digital Engagement Index
Drawbridge Tunes-Up Viewability
5 Common SEO Mistakes And How To Fix Them
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, April 6, 2015
Throwing Search Query Data Out With The Bathwater
YouTube 'Working To Restore Service' In Turkey Means Complying With Local Laws
#ThingsBrandsNeverSaid: How FleishmanHillard Uses Data, Analytics, Content To Bring Client Stories To Life
Roku Adds Voice Search
Hulu Builds GIF Search Engine As Promotional Tool
Tech, Age, Anxiety Impact Our Response To Personalized Advertising
Google Capital Leads $60M Cloud ZenPayroll Funding
Real Estate Site Launches Shared Search Feature
'Rolling Stone' Retracts Campus Rape Story
2 Billion People Using Social Media
Not Google, But WikiLeaks' New Home Page
In Mobile Video, Screens Match Immediate Need
Digital Engagement Index
Data Or Creative: The Chicken Or The Egg Dilemma
Do You Have A Story To Tell? Baby Boomers Want To Hear It
44% Of Marketers Using Three Or More Channels In Campaigns
Bill Gates Emails Employees to Celebrate 40th Anniversary
Microsoft Payments Plan Moves Forward
Alibaba Partners for Wearable Payment System
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, April 3, 2015
Google, Mozilla To Block China's Digital Certificates
Google Chromebit's Support For The Internet Of Things
YouTube's March Madness Videos: 22M Views In Two Months
Search Engines Make Us Think We're Smart
Live-Stream Video Shows Big Potential For Content Marketers
Spam Score Metrics
Innovid's Video Patent Helps Leverage Online Ad Options
Google's List Of Top 10 Tax Questions
WhatsApp Adds Voice-Calling
Google's $8.5 Million Data-Leak Settlement Wins Approval
Patent Trolls Cast Shadow Over Ad Industry
Global Ad Spend On Social Nets Forecast At 29%
Google Taking Leaner Approach To Mobile Innovation
Three Major Ways Pinterest's $11 Billion Valuation Might Change Your Social Media Strategy
Google Likely To Face EU Antitrust Charges
CMT's Upfront Message: We're Country To The Core
U.S. Average Internet Speed Now Over 11 Mbps
Digital Engagement Index
Parents Not Super At Protecting Kids' Privacy
Technology Gives Retailers Advantage, Says Report
Affluent Consumers Lean Toward Digital Shopping
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