• Putting The Customer First At Ancestry.com
    Ancestry is all about people so you'd think it would have been among the people-first crowd of brands but it was only recently that the generational giant became obsessed with customer service. Hear Kathryn Davidson explain how it did that and more.
  • EA: 'We Cannot Lose Sight Of The Art That Goes With Planning'
    Colleen Nuffer, Global Media Planning and Activation Lead, Americas, Electronic Arts, talks about Electronic Arts' approach to data in this riveting keynote speech at MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit in February 2019.
  • Political Marketers Love OTT
    Those involved in political marketing love OTT, said Sharon Aho, OTT Media Director at BrabenderCox, because it reaches the cordless and offers increased frequency to a high-value target audience. Check out her work for Oklahoma's new governor!
  • From 'Spots & Dots' To An Agency Of The Future
    Listen in as Michael Anderson, VP of Media at Empower, describes his agency's transition over 30 years from everyone working in separate buildings and "trying to play nice in the sandbox." Creative and media together. No, really, this time!
  • Jaws Dropped: 'Video Was On, Sound Was Off'
    Among the takeaways were that the demo approach worked better than the funny one. Sometimes, UPMC Health Plan's Alyssa Kramer said, you need to be more strategic. And then she noticed something odd. Hear her tell the story!
  • 'OTT Is The New Sausage'
    Magna Global's Julie Anson gave a lengthy explanation of OTT, prefacing it with a cautionary line from her boss that "this is too much 'how the sausage is made.'" Still, it's an interesting moment from MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit. Have a listen!
  • Ad-blocking Keeps L'Oreal's Karp McHugh Up At Night
    Find out why. Plus, she proposes the idea that "transparency needs to lead the way. There's no reason not to be transparent, right?"
  • Alannah Pawlik Talks Up Conagra's 'Always On' Approach
    An example is Conagra's Reddi wip, which used to be promoted only at the holidays. But, as Pawlik told MediaPost's Steve Smith, "There are birthdays every day." So the product is now touted all year. Listen in for more on the food giant's media buys.
  • OMG's Jonathan Steuer On Selecting VideoAmp As Partner
    When Steuer put up a slide titled, "OMG selected VideoAmp as our development partner to implement Omni Advanced TV," many attendees at MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit shot it with their phones. Here, he explains why.
  • Popping The Hood On Video Planning Specifics
    Listen in as Jesse Math, VP, Social & OTT at ForwardPMX, discusses cross-screen plans. Forgive him, if you can, for his heresy!
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