• 1 Million Floating Emails ... Then Open Rate Plunged
    Talk about rock bottom! And such a nice brand, too. Scott's Miracle Gro's Amanda Scarnechia tells us how the company got blacklisted from sending email and about the long climb back to respectability. You have to hear this!
  • Push Notification Gets GasBuddy Users' Attention
    GasBuddy decided to offer flash sales on gas or Deal Alerts on a station-specific basis. When it saw low activation rates in the app, it reminded users of the money they were missing out on. This resulted in 75% of users become repeat Deal Alert users. And more!
  • Personalization At Madison Square Garden Starts Early
    The engagement marketing manager said MSG is trying to enrich its emails. "Your recollection of your experience at MSG can start before you get there," he said. "So we are trying to enhance an email that we're already sending out."
  • Caesars' Chris Jenner Bets On Data-Driven Email Strategy
    "One of our challenges is that we have middle data in audience files and regulations galore," he said. "We've had to use lookup tables and by downloading data, it opened our eyes into what is possible." See what he discovered!
  • When Your Mistake Makes National News For Days
    Chester Bullock, director, marketing technology, The RentPath Network, who had a whopper of a failure to share, said his mistake led to his learning. "It's the only way to learn," he noted. You gotta see this one!
  • Never Mind Privacy Laws, How About Multi-member HH?
    1800-Contacts' Scott Cohen described several email segments and life cycles, including in-market, post-market, dead file, and haven't purchased over several cycles. Another bugaboo are those whose valid prescriptions have lapsed. Feel for the guy!
  • After Chobani Got Its Email Act Together ... Boom!
    Chobani's Lexi Sigesmun blew 'em away on Tuesday at our Email Insider Summit. But, hey, with results that include open rates at more than 200% above benchmark, are you surprised? Don't miss this!
  • When You're Mattel, You Bet You Vet Data
    With CCPA looming largely, Mattel's Neil Gogate has a hate/love relationship with his legal team. "I hate that 95% of the time they're right. And I love that they're always willing to help me figure out what we need to do." Have a look!
  • Meet AmFamMary, 38, Midwestern Mom Of 3
    AmFam's Bethany Harrington says of the chat bot, "Sixty-four percent of all intents are taken by Mary," she said. "Of that number, 85% are fully contained." That is pretty impressive for a chat bot, wouldn't you say? Read on!
  • 'You Can Lay Your Head At Any Hotel ...'
    But can you take a tour of the art IN the hotel via an app that, as it so happens, gives the hotel data on what kind of art you stopped at? Marcus Hotels CMO Erin Levzow shows how such data leads to personalized emails. Listen in!
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