Social Media & Marketing Daily Editions for June 2014
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, June 30, 2014
Twitter Globally Expands Mobile App Promo Ads, Enhances Targeting
Social Nets Blatantly Stoking The Fires Of Insecurity
Shure Selects Allen & Gerritsen To Guide Social Strategy
Generational Social Media Behaviors
Foursquare To Charge Big Companies To Access Local Databases
Facebook "Tone Deaf" To Concerns Over Secret Study
Jelli Shutters Social Radio To Focus On Programmatic
Bing Beefs Up Twitter Tie-Ins
Today Is Social Media Day! Also, Is Facebook Evil?
Google Finally Killing Orkut
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, June 27, 2014
Facebook Launches Multi-Product Ads For Marketers
Auto-Play Videos: The Silent Killer
Study: Brand Likes Up 30% On Facebook
Branded Tools A Factor In Creating Loyalty
Social Media, World Cup Marketing Fuel Nike Sales
Mercedes-Benz Packs The GLA With Social Campaign
Cable Awards Shows Kick-Start Best Social Buzz
IgnitionOne Looks For Acquisitions With $20 Million Funding In Pocket
Facebook Gives UK Users New Gender Options
Facebook Makes Manhattan DA Fight For Account Data
Foursquare To Charge For Database Access
Social Customer Service Has Yet to Reach the Positive Experience of Email or Phone For Consumers: Forrester
Fairphone, The Socially Conscious Smartphone
More Home Buyers Turning to Social Media
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 26, 2014
More Employers Rejecting Candidates Because of Social Media
Instagram Influencer theAmplify Drives 'Fault In Our Stars' Buzz
Muscle Maker Grill Sends Fans To The Competition
Mobile Forces Decline In Page Views - 10 Tips To Reverse The Trend
Heluva Good! Finds Its 'High-Value' Target: 'Snacking Socialites'
No Free Lunches -- Social Needs Investment
Adidas Content And Social World Cup Campaigns Deliver 2bn Euros Sales Lift
Real-Time Marketing Takes A Bite At Suarez
Fueling Gen Y's New Passion For Power Babes
Facebook Reveals Lack Of Employee Diversity
'Binders Of Prejudicial Tweets' Delivered To Judge
Twitter, Russia In Censorship Argument
Engage With Teens - Then Disappear
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 25, 2014
NBC, Discovery Shows Integrate Operations With Facebook
Slingshot Goes Global
Consumers Viewing Social As Customer Service Channel
Twitter Refines User Experience
Social Proof Claims To Carve Out New Niche: Customer Success Marketing
Social Doesn't Influence Purchase Decisions
New Orleans Tourism Partners With Disney/ABC
Adidas Content And Social World Cup Campaigns Deliver 2bn Euros Sales Lift
Social Media Is Fool's Gold For Marketers
Half Of Antisocial Behaviour Complaints Are Online
Richard Avedon Could Still Kick Your Ass On Instagram
Real-Time Social Cuts Its Teeth On Suarez
Teens Using Facebook More, Not Less, Forrester Finds
Snapchat Snags Facebook Exec
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Half of Calls to UK Police Concern Social Media Threats
Whisper Partners With Cabler Fusion
"Yo" Ready To Build Out "Ecosystem"
Fan Fervor? Facebook, Score Posts Dominate World Cup Social Media Behavior
Why Social Media Users Share Content, Offensive Or Not
Google Continues To Back Google+
Delta, United Airlines Find How Twitter Can Be Bitter, Swift In Sports
General Mills, Whole Foods Generate Buzz For Bees
Remembering Technorati's All-Powerful Ranking System
'Social Video' Content Platform Epoxy Raises $6.5M
MasterCard Finds World Cup Sponsorship Isn't So Priceless: It And Other Brands Misidentified As Official Sponsors
Future Of Brands = Branded Engagement
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, June 23, 2014
Twitter Sued For Sending SMS Ads To Recycled Numbers
Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour Puts Bands, GLA On Stage
U.S. Ad Spend Hits $35B In Q1
Marketers Capitalize On Futbol Fever
If Facebook Owned Twitter
Rant Raises Cash To Add New Verticals
Tweets Are Like Call-Out Boxes On Printed Pages
Yo! Here's What I'll Be Doing This Weekend
AddThis Opens Marketplace Of Tools To Target Social Behavior
Social Media Doesn't Affect Most Users' Purchase Decisions
Snapchat's "Our Story" Shines (Sort Of) At Music Fest
Can Slingshot Turn Everyone Into Content Creators?
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, June 20, 2014
Sorrell: What Is Twitter?
Instagram And Tumblr: Getting Visual With The Millennial Generation
LinkedIn Ups Content Marketing Efforts, 'Forbes,' 'Inc' Top Influential Brand Rankings
Stop Patronising Over 50s And Get Advertising To Them Through Social And YouTube
Mike's Rebranding Promo Marks 1M Facebook Fans
Comic Nick Thune Answers Questions For Honda Fit
Hegarty, Droga Pile On Native, Call Big Data 'Bullshit'
Twitter Names New Biz Dev & Media Heads
Facebook Woos Marketers With Performance Goals
MINI Goes Dutch To Gain A British Social Media Voice
Audience Size Affects What People Share
Is "Time Spent" Ready To Replace The Pageview?
The Fake Ad That's Getting Big Laughs At Cannes
Foursquare Boasts National Brands - What About SMBs?
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 19, 2014
Teens' Favorite Social Network: Texting
Twitter To Buy Snappy TV To Drive TV Viewership
Contest Promotes Chipotle's New Soccer Sponsorship
In-App Pop-Up Ads Make It Difficult To Enjoy Content
BIZ DEV: Kingsday Named Social Media Agency For MINI
Facebook Suffers Global Outage
Twitter Gets GIF-Friendly
Surveillance Of U.K. Citizens On Social Sites Legal When Justified
MINI Goes Dutch To Gain A British Social Media Voice
Must We All Be 'Always On'?
Back-To-School Timing, Tips For Social And Search Campaigns
Lucky Charms Wants To Know What Makes You Lucky
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 18, 2014
FBI Totes Savvy to Social Media Slang
Facebook's Sandberg: We Won't Put Ads In Messaging, Oculus Is A Bet On The Future
Facebook Launches Slingshot App - For Real
Snapchat Launches 'Our Story,' Builds Community Perspective
Facebook Users Drop Lawsuit Over 'Likes'
Lucky Charms Wants To Know What Makes You Lucky
Digital Spend Forecast To Dominate Marketing Budgets
Real-time Marketing Is A Real Waste Of Time
Kenshoo Reveals Search, Facebook Advertising Investment Formula For Success
Fear And Greed And You
Twitter Amplify To Expand To News And Drama
Instagram Ads Come To Oz
Why BuzzFeed Takes Airy Fare So Seriously
People Crave Familiar Fare, Despite Insisting Otherwise
LinkedIn Redesigns Email Tool Rapportive, Removes CRM Feature
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
SMG, Twitter Find (Surprise) Twitter Is Impacting TV
A No-Bollocks Approach To Facebook Marketing
Facebook Updates App With Focus On Games
Don't Rush Real-Time; Delta's World Cup Tweet Misses Mark
Coldwell Banker Partners With BuzzFeed
NYT's Dowd: Shakespeare Would Have Loved Twitter, Obama Loves 'Mad Men'
Millennials Use Facebook Less
Tumblr Ads To Appear On Yahoo Sites
Supreme Court Tackles Social Media-Based Threats
Why Use A Social Search Engine?
Beer Brands Push Digital On-Trade
FDA Finally Suggests Social Guidelines
SunTrust Says Twitter Is A 'Buy,' And MoPub Is The Reason Why
Jennifer Lawrence's New Email Address Partially Exposed on Twitter
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