Video Daily Editions for June 2015
Video Daily - Tuesday, June 30, 2015
YouTube's Latest Olive Branch To Its Creators
Facebook Changes Video Views In News Feeds
Boosting Purchase Intent With Native Advertising?
TV Binging On The Rise
TV is Not Dead, But It Is Evolving: A Look at On-Demand
NEW! Lean Cuisine Rebrands With #WeighThis Campaign -- And It's Not Pounds
Five Reasons Programmatic TV Is Set To Skyrocket
21 Million Views For E3 Gaming Conference On Amazon's Twitch
HBO Now May Have 850K Subs, Says Greenfield
Twitch Boasts Big E3 Viewership Numbers
MLB Adds Custom Purchasing to App
Online Businesses Focus on Apps in Market
Video Daily - Monday, June 29, 2015
Verizon's Mobile Video Service May Be The Game Changer In Your Back Pocket
Our Brains On Trivia Crack: We Still Don't Get Gaming
45% Of Display Ads Bought Via Programmatic In UK
Boomers And The Importance Of Modern-day Nostalgia
How Michael Wolff Thinks TV Won The Internet
Switching Cable Companies: Not The Horror Show You Might Expect
Gay YouTubers Celebrate The Decision
Get Your Hands Dirty
Kantar Begins Reporting Search, Shows It Is Fastest-Growing Medium It Tracks: Overall Media Declines 4%
Dow Jones Boss Urges Cautions For Publishers On Facebook
Apple Music To Make Debut
Kim Kardashian Insists Her Instagram Has No-Promo Policy
The Man Who Saved Southwest Airlines With Big Idea
Video Daily - Friday, June 26, 2015
Why Not Just Use The 'A' Word?
Lexus Develops A Hoverboard Prototype
Live Nation Used Facebook's Atlas to Target, Measure Concertgoers
How An Uptight Gen Xer Learned To Chillax By Sharing Like A Millennial
Tech Glitches Send OTT Viewers Packing
Mother's Day Video Campaigns Bow To Power Of Rihanna
HuffPost Launching 24-Hour Video Network
Snapchat's 3V Tries To Quickly Grab Some Adveriising
Awaiting Supremes, Esurance Issues Pro-Gay Marriage Video
Wilson Joins WideOrbit As CMO
Running Out Of Options: Gore, Sorrell Explore Some New Ones
Google's Brin Sells Stock As Analysts Reiterate Mixed Rating
Droga5's Under Armour Campaign With Gisele Wins Cyber Grand Prix At Cannes
Video Daily - Thursday, June 25, 2015
More Than 50% Of All Video Views On Mobile Devices? The Time Is Now, Ooyala Says
Look Out For Flood Of Hard To Trace Political Ads Online
Mobile Users Increase Movies And TV Viewing
Four Tips For 'Teaser' Video Ads
Ad Fraud - The Billion-Dollar Global Crime Nobody Appears Willing To Solve
YouTube Vloggers Begin Playing The Field
Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig Talk About Honesty At Cannes
Young Lions: Who is the Teacher?
Multicultural TV Users Favor OTT Viewing
MTV Rebrands, Embraces User Instagram And Vine Content
'Cannes You Please Shut Up': Tumblr Gleefully Pokes Fun At Stupid Agency Tweets
Periscope Extends Video Replays To Web
Unilever's Weed Swings Big Idea At Cannes: Says Size Doesn't Matter, Scaling Trust And Transformation Does
Grey's Seven-Minute Ad Wins Radio Grand Prix; Droga5, Optimum Sports Take Top Cyber Prize
Video Daily - Wednesday, June 24, 2015
App Management: Why Hulu's Two-Fer Deal With Showtime Is Smart
Fall TV Debuts Disrupted By Year-Round, Cross-Platform Viewing
The Big Hole In Nielsen's Latest Total Audience Report
Why Netflix Is The Best Thing Ever
Instagram Revamps Search, Looks To Become Real-Time News Site
Conde Nast Britain Offers To Co-Create Branded Videos
Are Pre-Roll Ads An Endangered Species?
Digital Engagement Index
Vice, Unilever Target Young Women With New Video Channel
Facebook's Experimental Algorithm Identifies Half-Hidden Faces
Use Bitcoins To Block Ads? An Entrepreneur Thinks So
Periscope Extends Video Replays To Web
The New Creatives Are Data Geeks Too
Video Daily - Tuesday, June 23, 2015
To Reach Millennials, Video Ads Are Crucial, Says Animoto Study
AOL Now 'Powered By Verizon,' Absorbs Digital Media Services Stack
Taylor Swift's BFF Says Online Video Should Stop Ripping Off Actors
Facebook Wants Advertisers to Get Smart
Google 'News Labs' Builds On Storytelling For Advertising, Content Marketing, Journalism
Vice, Unilever Target Young Women With New Video Channel
How Google, BBDO, OMD Worldwide Rethink Storytelling
Google And Viacom Oppose Users' Bid To Revive Privacy Battle
Facebook Closing The Video Gap On YouTube
Newcastle Reassures New Fans They Aren't 'Idiots'
TV Still Top Medium In Usage, Reach
Facebook Testing High-Powered Face Recognition
Are Smartphones Killing Wikipedia?
Video Daily - Monday, June 22, 2015
New Bracket Pro Takes 'Best Of' Lists To A New Level
Forecasters Reduce 2015 Outlook: Digital -- Especially Mobile -- Continues To Gain Share
Google To Remove 'Revenge Porn' Images From Search Results
With Ad-Blocking Rife, Native Can't Afford More Mistakes
SVOD Homes Spike, Revs To $7B In 2020
What Streaming Video Will Do To Networks By 2025
That Roar You Hear From Cannes Is The Sound Of Technology Talking
Siotis Joins SpotXchange As UK Managing Director
Big Battle Between Facebook And YouTube, Report Predicts
How Google, BBDO, OMD Worldwide Rethink Storytelling
How Comedy Central Is Managing A Media Crisis
USGA To Fans: You're Not The Media
Networks In The Hunt For DVR-Proof Non-Sports Programming
Video Daily - Friday, June 19, 2015
YouTube Newswire Could Be A Dominating News Source
Dove Comes Off As Judgmental And Obnoxious In Father's Day Video
Netflix Misses Search Opportunity In Father's Day Data
Yahoo's BrightRoll Plugs Into Equinix's Hong Kong Data Center
Does Your Brand Need To Learn How To Share?
Magisto Turns Photos, Video Into Sharable Mobile Movies
Project Lightning Will Be Twitter's Place For Live Streaming, Even NFL Games
The Problematics Of Programmatic Creative
'Catastrophe' A Smart Amazon Sitcom About An Accidental Pregnancy
Ad-Blocking Concerns Over TV, Digital Media May Be Overrated
Blogger Sues Gawker For Defamation
Video Daily - Thursday, June 18, 2015
Interesting: Counting Where Creators Get Their Views
Pay VOD Up Slightly For Traditional TV Providers
Twitter Unveils 'Project Lightning'
While You Perfect Big Data, Don't Forget About Small Data
Celebrity-owned Casamigos Tequila Launches First Campaign
Give Viewers A Reason To Finish Watching Your Video Ads
Senator Has Some Questions About YouTube Kids App
Ultra High Video From. . . Ultra High!
Upworthy Moves Into Original Content
Tastemade Using Apple, YouTube To Feed The World Its Content
Live Streaming Company Preps Net Neutrality Complaint Against Time Warner
Google Quietly Bought App Streaming Startup Agawi
Video Daily - Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Is Online Video Just Too Crass?
Give Viewers A Reason To Finish Watching Your Video Ads
Google Making A Big Attribution Play
Worldwide Over-The-Top Revenue Balloons
Confidence In Online Ads Rises, Agencies Focus More On Streaming Sites
Upworthy Moves Into Original Content
Longer Form Videos Catching On With Mobile Users
Twitter Makes Auto-Play Official, Adds Viewability Promise
'Guardian' Launches Mobile News Lab
Children Pay Homage To Their Fathers In Omaha Steaks Video
Samsung Strikes Deal With Pearl TV
A La Carte TV Service Gains Momentum
Pandora's Programmatic Offering Expands To Mobile Display
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