• Ad 'Olympics' To See Fewer Entries This Year (USA Today)
    The annual International Advertising Festival, taking place this week in Cannes, France, is often referred to as the "Olympics of Advertising" because it is the premier competition, awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze Lion trophies to the world's best advertising.
  • Lee Wins Temporary Halt to Spike TV (AP)
    Spike Lee has temporarily spiked Spike TV.
  • David Brinkley Dies (ABC News)
    Veteran ABCNEWS reporter David Brinkley has died. Brinkley died Wednesday night at his home in Houston of complications from a fall. He was 82.
  • McDonald's Sets 'I'm Lovin' It' Global Ad Campaign (Reuters)
    McDonald's Corp. on Wednesday said it will launch this fall a global advertising program under the new "I'm Lovin' It" theme.
  • Times Stock Calm Despite Media Storm (Globe and Mail)
    So far, Wall Street has shrugged off the media scandal playing out on West 43rd St.
  • Driving Down the Highway, Mourning the Death of American Radio (NYTimes)
    Brooklynites who park their cars on the streets sometimes post signs - "nothing of value" and my favorite, "no radio, no nothing" - pleading with thieves not to break in. The smash and grabs are less frequent than they once were.
  • Letterman's Time Off Remains Unknown (AP)
    Among the many mysteries of David Letterman: how much time he's planning to take off this summer. The CBS "Late Show" host turned over the reins to guest host Tom Arnold on Friday.
  • Advertiser Loyalty Key to Stewart Brand (USA Today)
    The trial of Martha Stewart is still to come, but the jury of marketing opinion is already debating how Martha Stewart, the brand, will weather the indictment Wednesday of Martha Stewart, the person.
  • Martha Stewart: The Woman, The Brand (CBSMW)
    There's no getting around it: Martha Stewart, the woman, is synonymous with Martha Stewart, the brand. But when Stewart faces a jury of her peers, will her trademark -- and, ultimately, the fate of her company -- be on trial as well?
  • Miller Brewing Campaign Comes to an Abrupt End (New York Times)
    The "Cat Fight" commercials for Miller Lite beer, among the most contentious and talked-about series of spots created by Madison Avenue in recent years, are coming to an abrupt end. The sponsor, Miller Brewing, has apparently decided it does not want the image of its largest brand to be defined by a sexual sell, especially when consumers do not seem to be buying.
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