• A Shock to Radio Profits? (CNNMoney)
    As Congress and the FCC turn up the heat on obscenity and indecency on the air, investors have to ask if defanging radio shock jocks will produce a shock to broadcasters' bottom line.
  • Marketers Crash Oscar Parties (USA Today)
    Advertisers not included in Sunday's Academy Awards telecast are working hard to crash the party with sponsorships amid the Oscar hoopla. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and network ABC keep a short leash on ad content and placement in the TV show, but the sideshow marketing around the event is as freewheeling as Paris Hilton.
  • TiVo-like Devices to Get Booster Shot (CNet)
    Having proved their popularity with American couch potatoes, digital video recorders are about to get a boost in features that will allow them to zap several video streams throughout networked homes.
  • The Four-Fingered Defense (Los Angeles Times)
    How shocking to learn the other day that, because of Michael Eisner's iron-willed control of the Disney empire, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Pooh, Uncle Scrooge - in fact, all the cartoon characters that so dominate our entertainment, culture and clothing - were totally ignorant of possible takeovers by evil interests. Other than the Beagle Boys, of course, who are just out of prison again.
  • TV Station Groups: Regulate Cable (CBS MarketWatch)
    TV station group owners have a message for the Federal Communications Commission: If you have a problem with indecency violations, go ahead and fine us, but judge cable programmers and operators by the same standard.
  • Teens 'Overexposed' To Media Sex (The Washington Times)
    A federally funded research project has found that children and teens are constantly exposed to sexual images in the media, but warned that no conclusions can be drawn yet about any effects on their sexual attitudes and behavior
  • Deadline Hollywood: Brat Brawl (LA Weekly)
    What's important when it comes to Hollywood isn't the financials but the friendships, foes and families. So, while Wall Street analysts crunch numbers about cable-giant Comcast's hardball pitch for Disney, we only have to look at the relationships to see what's really going on.
  • Awaiting a New Yankee Pitchman (New York Times)
    While Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter now play for the same team, the coming of Mr. Rodriguez to the New York Yankees could set up an off-field rivalry for endorsement dollars.
  • New Direction for Tech Marketing (New York Times)
    Two technology giants, I.B.M. and Microsoft, are reassigning accounts with spending estimated at more than $500 million in decisions that underline the increasing importance of marketing communications outside the realm of traditional advertising.
  • Mega Media Mergers: How Dangerous? (Business Week)
    If Comcast wins Disney, a few behemoths will dominate news, entertainment, and distribution.
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