• U.S. FCC Gets Earful on Media Ownership Limits (Reuters)
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission got an earful of public support for media ownership limits on Thursday as the five commissioners took their effort to develop new rules outside Washington.
  • ESPN Puts Ads Into Video Clips (NYTimes.com)
    ESPN is defraying the cost of a video delivery system on its Web site by incorporating commercials into the clips.
  • ABC Sells Out Ad Time for Academy Awards Show (Reuters)
    ABC has already sold out its commercial time for the Academy Awards, a month before they are set to air, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.
  • MTV Wants to Be News Source in Iraq War (AP)
    The network of Eminem and "The Osbournes" is getting ready for war, too. Much like the broadcast and cable news networks, MTV is laying out plans to cover a potential war with Iraq, expecting to be both a news source and sounding board for teenagers and young adults.
  • Demure Beauties of Old (NYTimes.com)
    A new campaign recalls Miss Rheingold, the icon of a beer and an era.
  • Eye on 2003 Ad Agency Outlook (CBS.MW)
    As the big ad agency holding companies get ready to report their fourth quarter and full year numbers, the good news is that 2002 will finally be behind them. The bad news is that most of 2003 is still to come.
  • Fox Ponders Doing Another Joe Millionaire (Reuters)
    It was a smash hit TV show by any standard, drawing millions of viewers and concluding with a two-hour special that drew some of the best ratings in years -- but at the heart of "Joe Millionaire" was a deception that may be hard to repeat.
  • Fox Poised for Surprise Sweeps Victory (AP)
    With a week to go in the February ratings "sweeps" period, Fox is poised for its first-ever victory among television viewers ages 18 to 49.
  • PluggedIn: Imagining a World Without Ads (Reuters)
    Jon Drukman dares to imagine an advertising-free existence.
  • Diet Battles Head for Television (NYTimes.com)
    A group opposed to the newly popular high-protein diets has decided to make its views known.
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