• Liberals Want Their Own Network
    A group of progressive media activists covering the Democratic National Convention in Boston plans to launch a new television network to counter the conservative news coverage they see on Fox News and CNN.
  • Madison Avenue Takes Cues from Reality TV Shows
    As America's seemingly insatiable appetite for reality television continues, so does Madison Avenue's use of reality-style advertising and promotions as a way to grab consumer's attention.
  • FTC Unveils New E-mail Address for Deceptive Spam
    The Federal Trade Commission receives about 300,000 samples of deceptive spam - forwarded by computer users - each day, and stores it in a database. The FTC and its law enforcement partners use the database to generate cases against people who use spam to spread false or misleading information about their products or services. To better handle the high volume of spam forwarded to the database, the FTC recently opened a new email box - SPAM@UCE.GOV. The old email address (uce@ftc.gov) will be phased out.
  • Viacom Says Reorganizing Some Operations
    Viacom Inc. on Thursday said the president of its Paramount Enterprises operation would leave the company and said it would reorganize some operations under newly appointed co-president Tom Freston.
  • 'Independent' Spending to Fund Media Blitz
    The Democratic Party is planning a $100 million advertising campaign in support of John F. Kerry, employing novel tactics to enable its presidential nominee to husband limited resources for use in the fall campaign against President Bush, party officials said Thursday.
  • Bollore Confirms Took 4-5 pct Stake in Havas
    French holding company Bollore has taken a four to five percent stake in advertising group Havas, Bollore confirmed on Friday. "The group has taken between four and five percent but has less than five percent," a company spokesman said, confirming an earlier newspaper report.
  • Party-Funded Ads to Help Kerry 'Ride Wave'
    The Democratic Party is preparing to spend at least $6 million on television commercials starting this weekend, sources said, a crucial boost to presidential nominee John F. Kerry as he suspends his own TV advertising next month to hoard cash for the fall.
  • 'Newsday' Drops Auto Advertisers Who Are Suing Paper
    The group of 50 auto dealers that sued Newsday of Melville, N.Y., has learned that they can no longer advertise with the paper. A letter issued by Newsday Executive Vice President and General Manager John McKeon to one of the dealers said that because of the litigation filed, "Newsday will no longer accept advertising from your organization effective Friday, July 30."
  • FCC to Sample TV a la Carte
    The ongoing debate over whether TV viewers in the United States should be able to pick their cable channels on an a la carte basis continues Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission holds a symposium on the controversial question.
  • Glitch Hits DirecTV TiVo Boxes
    A software glitch is freezing playback of stored shows on some DirecTV boxes that access TiVo's digital video recorder service.
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