• Ruling The Roost
    Like just about everything Crispin Porter + Bogusky does, the Subservient Chicken ad campaign is risky and extreme. It's also very, very smart.
  • Switch to Daylight Time Joins the List of Special Occasions Made for Merchandising
    As most Americans prepare to push their clocks ahead this weekend when daylight saving time arrives, Madison Avenue is falling back - on one of the most popular ploys in the marketing handbook, capitalizing on the calendar.
  • Fox TV Executive Is Humble as She Heads to Hollywood
    The Fox television executive who is taking over as president of the Paramount Pictures unit of Viacom said Wednesday that she would approach her job with humility because of her inexperience with feature films.
  • So Much Media, So Little Attention Span
    As U.S. children are exposed to 8½ hours of TV, video games, computers and other media a day ? often at once ? are they losing the ability to concentrate?
  • Walt Disney Co. And Miramax Founders Officially Split
    After protracted negotiations, the Walt Disney Co. and Miramax co-founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein have officially parted ways -- at least on paper -- ending a 12-year relationship. The famous movie-making brothers have agreed to leave behind the name of the company they created along with the vast library of features developed under their watch.
  • How Can General Motors Remake Itself?
    There used to be a saying that what's good for General Motors is good for America. But that was in the days when one of every two cars sold in the United States bore a G.M. brand name. Now, with its market share falling toward 25 percent, General Motors is struggling to revive its core business - selling America its cars, trucks and minivans - and seems in need of a few good ideas.
  • Disney and the Miramax Chiefs Call It Quits
    After protracted negotiations that came to a close with an unexpected level of cooperation, the Walt Disney Company and the founders of Miramax Films drew an anticlimactic end to their stormy 12-year marriage on Tuesday. Disney is left with Miramax's name and its library of 550 films, and Harvey and Bob Weinstein get about $130 million to start a new company.
  • Food Advertising to Children an Increasingly Weighty Issue in Washington
    Concern over food, beverage and restaurant advertising in general, and to children in particular, is certainly not losing strength on Capitol Hill or in the media. The issue has continued to grow since the beginning of the year. Here are some highlights from the past few months:
  • Organized Crime Keeps Better Books
    Seven Ephron Papers in Memory of the Upfront.
  • eBay.Com Fires Ad Agency Goodby Silverstein
    Online auction behemoth eBay.com has fired its advertising agency of six years, Omnicom Group's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, according to the agency.
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