• Video Sales Abroad Are Good News in Hollywood. Shhh.
    The New York Times, January 31, 2005 Here's a Hollywood riddle: If a car leaves Los Angeles at 9 a.m. traveling toward Reno at 30 miles per hour and another car leaves from Reno for Los Angeles at 40 m.p.h., when will the two meet? Answer: We're not obligated to divulge that information. It has always been hard to pry reliable numbers out of Hollywood, even when the numbers tell a happy story. The latest example of this is the growing influence of international DVD sales.
  • Spike Chief Pushed Out
    New York Post, January 31, 2005 The head of Spike got spanked over the weekend. Spike TV chief Albie Hecht was pushed out his job yesterday when - of all ironies - it turned out the "first network for men" was attracting too many women.
  • Here Comes The Blitz
    New York Post, January 31, 2005 What do the Easter Bunny and a buck-naked Dennis Rodman have in common? They're both stars in this year's Super Bowl ads.
  • Movie Placement Creates Demand For Nonexistent Shoe
    AdAge.com, January 31, 2005 The unpaid inclusion of a nonexistent Adidas shoe in the movie The Life Aquatic has sparked a brisk consumer demand for the product.
  • Best Product in a Leading Role
    The New York Times, January 31, 2005 Now that the nominees for the 77th annual Academy Awards have been announced, it is time to consider a category that also deserves its due: best product in a leading role.
  • Super Bowl Ads Could Raise a Few Eyebrows
    USA Today, January 28, 2005 So much for the much-talked-about "G-rated" Super Bowl. Cialis, maker of an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug, and Unilever's new Degree for Men deodorant will be showing up with provocative ads for Fox's airing of Super Bowl XXXIX on Feb. 6.
  • MTV to Unveil Revamped Channel at Halftime
    AP, January 27, 2005 This year, the only thing MTV is exposing during the Super Bowl halftime is a revamped network. After producing the infamous Janet Jackson halftime show last year, MTV will launch a new look to its sister station, MTV2, during the Feb. 6 game break. MTV and MTV2 will both air a preview special of MTV2, featuring a combination of music, shows and random content aimed at young males.
  • McDonald's Ads Target Children As Young As 4
    AdAge.com, January 28, 2005 In testimony at yesterday's one-day food marketing hearing at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science, a McDonald's executive said the company takes Ronald McDonald to elementary schools and is talking to children as young as 4 in its advertising.
  • U.S. Backs Off Relaxing Rules for Big Media
    The New York Times, January 28, 2005 Media companies hoping to expand their television station holdings and to own both TV stations and newspapers in the same markets suffered a setback yesterday when the Bush administration decided to abandon its challenge to a ruling that blocked the relaxation of ownership rules.
  • Men Are Becoming the Ad Target of the Gender Sneer
    The New York Times, January 28, 2005 Are today's men incompetent, bumbling idiots? Judging by portrayals in some advertising, the answer seems to be yes - much to the dismay of some men.
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