• In-Game Advertising Gets Game
    Hot Trend: The players in your virtual NFL game are wearing Nikes, and at (virtual) half-time you see a digital product pitch. Meanwhile, your kid is dunking virtual Oreos in virtual milk in a Nabisco-created basketball game. "It's proof positive that video gaming has hit the big time," says Find/SVP technology consultant James Belcher.
  • CBS Looking Longingly at Russert to Replace Rather
    NBC's Tim Russert is locked up through 2012, but many inside CBS feel he'd be a terrific successor to anchor Dan Rather.
  • Blushes at the Top Table After EU Stalls WPP Deal
    Red faces all round in the upper echelons of advertising behemoths WPP and Grey Global - the European Commission stopped the clock on its investigation into the WPP/Grey Global merger, claiming it requires "further information to complete its review".
  • Kellogg Chief Nominated For U.S. Commerce Secretary
    The chairman-CEO of Kellogg Co., Carlos Gutierrez, today said he has accepted the nomination of President Bush to serve as secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Channel-surfers Paying Less Attention to TV
    Viewers are watching prime-time programming almost as much as they did 10 years ago, but they appear to be paying less attention, according to a new study by Knowledge Networks, a consumer-research company whose clients include networks and advertisers.
  • Canadian TV Without Hockey, What's a Marketer to Do?
    There are no fun-loving party animals in the latest beer commercials from Molson, the Montreal-based brewery. Instead, a series of melancholy men sitting near switched-off televisions sing a very off-key rendition of Boy George's hit, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me." A closing title then offers a simple plea: "Hockey, please come back."
  • Satellite Radio May Not Escape FCC Restrictions
    With envelope-pushing air talent like Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony flocking to the less-restricted refuge of satellite radio, could the Federal Communications Commission be far behind? Specifically, could the FCC enforce its indecency rules -- which Stern claims drove him away from terrestrial radio -- on satellite radio too?
  • Ad Agencies Home in on Sponsoring
    Aegis, a London-based advertising company, last week acquired an American sports marketing firm, Velocity Sports & Entertainment, the latest in a series of acquisitions - often by ad agencies - of companies that arrange lucrative sponsorships of sports and entertainment events.
  • A Flagship Adrift in the Airwaves
    Whatever your view of the Nicollette Sheridan-Terrell Owens "Desperate Housewives" skit that opened "Monday Night Football" two weeks ago, be certain that it will never happen again - and the only naked body will be the football's. Observe what has happened since the apologies by ABC, the National Football League and Owens.
  • Start-Up Television Venture Is Aiming Its Programming at American Muslims
    On many nights in the living rooms of Muslim families across the United States, parents and grandparents who immigrated here are tuned in to Arabic television stations like Al Jazeera or PTV, the state-run Pakistan Television, while in another room their Americanized, English-speaking children are watching "The Apprentice" or CNN. Tomorrow, broadcasts of Bridges TV, an English-language network with programming aimed at American Muslims, will begin.
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