• Amazon's Market Cap Surpasses $380B
    Amazon’s market cap has surpassed $380 billion, which, as Business Insider notes, is more than twice as much as it was in April of last year. “Amazon's market cap is now the fourth largest in the world, trailing only Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft,” BI writes. “Part of Amazon's rise has to do with the company's consistent growth and dominance in both the e-commerce market and cloud computing business.”
  • McLaren Denies Apple Acquisition Report
    McLaren is denying a report that Apple is trying to buy or invest in the luxury carmaker. “There's no takeover, no strategic investment," a McLaren spokesperson tells Business Insider. “It's completely untrue.” Yet, as BI notes: “This doesn't necessary mean that Apple hasn't considered McLaren an acquisition target in the past and certainly doesn't preclude the Cupertino-based giant from approaching the supercar maker in the future.”
  • Tech Giants Implore Congress To Relinquish Web
    Top tech firms like Facebook and Google are imploring Congress to back a plan for the U.S. government to yield control of the Web’s management to the “global community,” Reuters reports. Presently, “The U.S. Commerce Department has primary oversight of the internet's management, largely because it was invented in the United States.”
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