• Mets' New Channel Fades to Pedro
    Last week was a good one for the Mets' proposed TV network. First, the team signed pitcher Pedro Martínez. Second, a New York State Supreme Court justice refused to grant Cablevision a preliminary injunction that would have halted until November 2005 all planning for the channel, which is to begin telecasting in 2006. A trial will ultimately determine the merits of Cablevision's claims on behalf of its MSG Network and Fox Sports New York channels; until then, the Mets and their partners, Comcast and Time Warner, can continue their launch work.
  • The Accidental Guru
    Malcolm Gladwell, says one fan, is "just a thinker." But what a thinker. His provocative ideas are taking the business world by storm. So who is this guy, and what can he teach you about business?
  • Old Brands, Renewed Appeal
    Yesterday's familiar products get a fresh marketing jolt as businesses realize reviving them is easier than launching unknown names.
  • Shareholder Sues to Halt Grey Bid
    A shareholder sued the Grey Global Group, the advertising company, asking a judge to halt a planned $1.52 billion takeover by the WPP Group that would give more than $50 million to Grey's chief executive, Edward H. Meyer.
  • Pfizer to Halt Advertising of Celebrex to Consumers
    Pfizer said yesterday that it would immediately stop advertising Celebrex, its best-selling arthritis pain reliever, to consumers after a study showed that high doses were associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.
  • Deborah Norville to Leave MSNBC
    TV personality Deborah Norville said on Friday she will end her MSNBC program next month after a year on the cable news channel but will stay on as host of the syndicated celebrity magazine show "Inside Edition."
  • Diet Drinks Get Aliases
    Diet, schmiet. Soft-drink makers are racing to replace or play down the word "diet" in brand names in favor of alternative terms they hope will help fatten sales.
  • In the Bay Area, TiVo Supplies DVR's at a Terrific Price: Nothing
    It was a deal that so insane that even Crazy Eddie could not have beat it. Last Friday, TiVo gave away nearly 2,000 digital video recorders to Comcast subscribers who showed up at its Silicon Valley headquarters between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Does NBC's 'Today' Feel 'Desperate'?
    Could Today's star be fading this season along with NBC's prime time, as Good Morning America rises with the ABC evening lineup, fueled by hit Desperate Housewives?
  • Why Not the Coalition of the Shilling?
    It's amazing that President Bush, who planned to run his administration like a business, and Rummy, who was a chief executive himself, haven't already come up with this brainstorm. They're always touting the private sector, even for fixing Social Security. They should take a lesson from their own playbook and reach out to corporate America. If Rummy can't adequately supply the Army, maybe I.B.M. and Xerox can.
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