SurveyGizmo Rebrands To Alchemer To Reflect How It Helps Customers Transform

SurveyGizmo rebranded to Alchemer on Tuesday. The company, which began more than a decade ago collecting data from clients' customers to understand their needs, now supports about 15,000 clients -- many of them Fortune 500 companies.

The name change reflects the company’s mission to help businesses transform into customer-centric organizations, according to CEO David Roberts.

Reporting and analytics are important, but companies also need to run their business off of what customers say and need, he said.

“Our customers now use our services in more sophisticated ways such as build closed-loop feedback systems based on the data they collect,” he said. “Rather than conduct the survey and report it into a pie chart, they build it into how they run their business.”

For example, some customers might use the data to build out new services or features in their products based on the data collected through the survey.

Alchemer helps brands like Sonos focus on their customers' experience, but also survey their employees to see how they’re going during the pandemic.

“We don’t transform as a company with the new name,” he said, “we’ve transformed during the past few years and the name has finally caught up.”

“Alchemy,” the root of the new name, Alchemer, is reflective of what the company has become, he said.

The company surveyed its employees to come up the new name, and sought help from a creative firm to help with the naming and branding. Some of the names that made the final cut included the names Alchemy, Litpath, and Solvata.

The Alchemer platform provides survey, workflow, audience, communication, and analysis tools to allow organizations to collect, integrate, and act on their customers’ needs.

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