Twilio Segment Launches Tool For Creating Personalized Customer Journeys

Twilio Segment has launched a tool that it says can help brands launch customer journeys throughout multiple channels.

The new offering, Journeys, allows marketers to build personalized journeys based on timely customer data, says Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Twilio Segment, a customer data platform.  

These journeys can be deployed across channels including email, advertising, in-app, and SMS, and through over 300 applications, the firm says. 

The tool is designed to fill a gap in the market.

“Today’s customer journey applications are off-the-shelf products, built on legacy SaaS platforms that cannot deliver the flexibility, scale, or breadth needed to power world-class customer experiences in the digital era,” Reinhardt adds.

Twilio Segment’s recent State of Personalization Report showed that 85% of businesses believe they are offering personalized experiences, while only 60% of consumers think they are getting them. 

Journeys is now available to all Segment Personas Advanced customers.

Grayson Bagwell, director of business development and ecommerce at client, said its marketing and advertising teams used the tool to develop a high-impact plan "individualized and tailored for each one of our customers." This improved the effectiveness of its ad campaigns and the return on ad spend, Bagwell said, and allowed the company "to reinvest part of our budget into other high growth initiatives," which "made a huge impact on the business and helped us grow our revenue 400% year-over-year.” 

Twilio acquired Segment for $3.2 billion last year. 


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