Yext 'Season Of Search' Holiday Jingle Spotlights Customer Service, AI Search Experience

Yext this week got in the holiday spirit, launching the latest iteration of its artificial intelligence search vs. keyword search brand story called "Season of Search." 

The video features an original poem, based on "Twas the Night before Christmas.” It showcases the “awful” experience that outdated keyword search creates for consumers and customer service teams during the holiday season. 

“Twas the season of search all over the net your customers couldn’t find what they needed to get,” the narrator says. “When they searched for some info, or a gift that was new, there were no direct answers. Just links to scroll through.”

Yext's in-house content team and creative studio wrote and produced the Season of Search video. Its copywriters were inspired by the famous holiday poem and saw an opportunity to “search-ify” it into a seasonal message around the new vertical the company now focuses on -- customer service -- along with its brand message.



The video -- which the company will promote through the end of the year -- focuses on social first. It will run on Yext's website, but marketers will also promote it organically across all of its social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as through paid social on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The focus is on the importance of reaching customer-service professionals. Each time it runs, the ad will drive viewers to a page on its website where people can watch the video and learn more about Support Answers, its AI search solution for customer service teams.

Yext has become much more creative in its content during the past year. The company created and ran its first TV ad campaign in May.

Its entire company brand story is based on the concept of old vs. new, good vs. evil, specifically as it relates to Yext’s AI search technology vs. its outdated predecessor, keyword search. 

The 1990s-themed integrated marketing campaign that launched earlier this year aimed to educate businesses on the “real” problem of using outdated search technology. The campaign relies on a variety of innovative media powered by artificial intelligence to demonstrate that it is time to update keyword search technology, the last holdout of the ‘90s.

In the marketing campaign, Yext juxtaposes keyword search with outdated 1990s technology such as pagers, dial-up modems, and CD-ROMs. The goal is to make it easy for owners and marketers of businesses to understand the difference.

Earlier this month, Yext announced its results for the three-month period ended October 31, 2021, or the Company's third quarter of fiscal 2022. The company reported revenue of $99.5 million, up 12% compared to $89.1 million reported in the third quarter for fiscal 2021.

The company reported that gross profit came in at $74.3 million -- up 10% compared with $67.4 million reported in the third quarter for fiscal 2021 -- and a net loss of $24.9 million, compared with the net loss of $22 million in the third quarter fiscal 2021.

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