Microsoft Advertising Brings Ad Sales, Technology In-House Through Xandr Acquisition

Microsoft Advertising is completing the transition of moving in-house sales and technology teams to leverage and monetize Xandr’s supply-side platform (SSP).  

It will make available on one global platform inventory such as display, video, and native ads on Microsoft Start, MSN, Outlook, and Microsoft Casual Games.

The majority of display and native advertisements have already transitioned. During the next month, the focus will turn to transitioning video.

Advertisers will still have the same access to Microsoft owned-and-operated properties via the open marketplace or deals with demand-side platforms of choice, but the company says it will make it easier to buy inventory in one platform, working with one team.

The inventory can be bought through the advertiser's DSP of choice. Most major DSPs already integrate with Monetize SSP.



Those using Microsoft’s DSP, in addition to its SSP, should see even greater efficiencies through transparency.

The company announced the move in March, and is now completing the transition. Benefits, according to the company, include more direct and scalable access to Microsoft inventory across formats, screens, and markets.

Greater efficiencies by transacting through a single platform, and streamlined support from Microsoft’s own in-house sales teams for easier management of full-funnel advertising goals are some of the stated benefits.

The shift also means merging Xandr with PromoteIQ, the retail ad-tech business Microsoft acquired in 2019, according to one media outlet, which cites two current Microsoft employees and two who were recently let go. They say Microsoft will also integrate Xandr with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Bing and Xbox, in addition to using it to support the Netflix CTV sales account.

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