Adobe Launches Real-Time CDP Collaboration With Partner NBCUniversal

Adobe introduced a real-time customer data platform (CDP) collaboration feature for advertisers and publishers on Tuesday that will help them collaborate to find and measure new consumer audiences without browse cookies. 

NBCUniversal became the first publisher to allow brands to find audiences with the media entertainment company’s proprietary first-party data and campaign delivery data to better understand audiences' viewing habits and interests.

Businesses use the insights to run marketing campaigns across any digital property within NBCUniversal's portfolio of products. Engagement metrics from the platform support ad performance.

"Companies have largely been told to build a first-party data strategy during the past few years," said Ryan Fleisch, head of product marketing, Adobe real-time customer data platform. "We don't disagree with that, but believe there must be another strategy."

New privacy guidelines and lack of third-party cookies are forcing change.



Fleisch said the change leaves companies lacking strategies when trying to acquire new customers. Adobe wants to provide full customer data management service across the funnel including loyalty. 

The clean-room idea is not new for Adobe. The company has offered data collaboration in the past in a CDP.

This new tool is not a rebrand of the old tool, Segment Match, but was completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Real-Time CDP Collaboration, the name of the tool, gives publishers an option to work with as many brands as they want. The data collaboration capabilities are embedded directly in the CDP.

If the advertiser has an audience it wants to find across connected television (CTV), display, audio and more, the brand can identify and match the customers with those that a publisher might have. The publisher can also recommend expanded audiences for new customer acquisitions.

Measurement is provided back to advertisers in aggregate.

Historically, both parties -- publisher and advertiser -- had to use Adobe's technology to collaborate, but now only one company needs a license and the user can invite others to share the data. 

This opens the door for new Adobe clients. If the brands choose to do more with other publishers, Adobe has opportunities to support bands in doing other campaigns and segmentations.

Chipotle, The Dow Chemical Company, Novo Nordisk, Petco, Qualcomm, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Truist Financial, U.S. Bank, Coles, Dick’s Sporting Goods, FC Bayern, Major League Baseball, Panera Bread, Real Madrid, ServiceNow, Signet Jewelers, Suncorp, T. Rowe Price, and TSB Bank are on the list of those who use the platform today and are eligible to tap into the new feature. 

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