• IoT Focus Shifts To Customer Experience; Adoption To Hit 43% This Year
    It looks like The Internet of Things is heading toward mainstream adoption in business this year. By the end of the year, more than four in 10 businesses will be running at least some form of IoT project, according to a new study. The majority (64%) of businesses plan to eventually implement IoT.
  • The Laziness In The Internet Of Things
    The idea of some of the new connected devices in The Internet of Things seems to be to make life for people a little easier. At the very least, some look to provide fingertip access to do something without having to get up. In essence, many are looking to further integrate the physical and digital worlds.
  • Wearable Buyers: 89% Comfortable With Technology, 74% See It As Exciting
    The growth of wearable, Internet-connected things is massive but the question is who are the people buying all these gadgets? It turns out the buyers are quite high-tech, very much into social media and attuned to style. The majority (89%) of future wearable buyers are comfortable with technology, according to a new study. They also view wearable technology as exciting.
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