• Long Battery Life Now Top Feature For Smartwatch Buyers
    Battery life is the leading feature and heart rate monitor is last, according to Parks Associates. Other important features include whether it is simple to operate, water resistance, activity tracking capabilities, and GPS.
  • Ford Granted Patent For Smartphone-Steering Of Cars
    Car controls would be coordinated with the mobile device via wireless network, such as Bluetooth or WiFi in the car.
  • Ford Taps VR To Gauge Consumer Reactions To Self-Driving Car Signals
    Ford is pushing the market to create a common way for future self-driving vehicles to communicate with pedestrians -- proposing a universal communications interface for cars that people can understand.
  • Companies Partner To Succeed In The Internet Of Things
    The Internet of Things is so vast and encompassing that companies involved can't afford to go it alone. As a result, there's a lot of teaming going on and it involves major brands.
  • Voice Shopping Starting To Catch On
    Consumers may be starting to warm to using voice technology to make purchases. One in four U.S. online adults are likely to make a purchase using voice technology in the next year.
  • Lego, IBM Team For AI-Powered Interactive Ad
    While Lego is noted for its iconic Lego brick, the toy giant is now tapping into artificial intelligence to better guide shoppers for the coming holiday season. Driven by IBM's new Watson Ads Omni, Lego customers will be able to start a conversation with an AI-powered Lego ad.
  • Artificial Intelligence Still In Early Days
    The most effective ways to use artificial intelligence in business may be less about increasing sales and more about improving customer engagement and loyalty.
  • California Passes Nation's First IoT Security Law
    The new law, set to take effect in January 2020, would require manufacturers to equip connected devices with "reasonable" security features.
  • Smart Speakers Moving Toward 50% Market Penetration
    The smart thermostat is the best-selling smart home category, while 28% of households already own a smart speaker with a voice assistant.
  • Smart Checkout Tech At Retail Projected To Hit $45B
    Still, Juniper estimates it will take until 2021 to have more than 2,000 retail outlets deploying smart checkout technologies.
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