• Augmented Reality Shopping Service Launched
    The largest telecommunications company in South Korea has launched the country's first ever AR-powered mobile shopping service, which provides an online shopping experience similar to being in the store.
  • Augmented Reality Seen As Beating Out Virtual Reality
    While much of the emphasis for developers of AR, VR and mixed reality is on games and entertainment, more than a third are also focused on training and education, an increase from 27% last year.
  • Apple Drops To Third Place In Smartphone Market Share
    Chinese powerhouse Huawei, which detailed its planned global growth to the media at CES over the last couple of years, has moved into second place, according to International Data Corporation.
  • Consumers Face New Ways To Pay For Things
    Mobile payments have yet to become the favored way to pay. About a quarter of U.S. smartphone users pay with a mobile phone at a physical point of sale at least once every six months this year, according to eMarketer.
  • Bosch-Backed Home Robot Kuri Shut Down
    The award-winning social robot Kuri is hanging it up. Kuri was launched at CES 2017. The idea was to make robots that were useful, joyful and inspiring.
  • Apple Watch Sales Up 30%; Market Share Drops
    The Apple Watch is hot. Global smartwatch shipments reached 10 million units, as Fitbit and Garmin also were strong, according to the latest estimates.
  • NFC Makes ATM Banking One Tap Easier
    Some of the innovation in the Internet of Things can be small, but useful. One example of this is the use of near-field communication by banks.
  • Amazon Dominates In Smart Speaker Benchmark Study
    In yet another new metric, the online mega-retailer takes first place as the go-to place to get a smart speaker.
  • Sleepless: 51% Willing To Buy A Sleep Tech Product
    Many consumers have the capability to use Internet of Things technology while they sleep and can use the tech specifically to get information about their sleeping habits.
  • Businesses Turn To Voice Tech
    There are reasons to move to voice, since 32% of companies believe voice will prove to be their biggest differentiator from competitors this year.
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