• Consumers Show Low Confidence In Self-Driving Cars
    Consumer concerns about self-driving vehicles include tech failures, risk of a vehicle being hacked, and legal liability as a result of a collision.
  • Smartwatch Market Booms, Apple Dominates
    New numbers from Strategy Analytics show the annual global smartwatch shipment growth at 44% for Q2, with 12 million devices being shipped.
  • Companies Jump Onto IoT Bandwagon
    By the end of 2021, 94% of businesses are estimated to be using IoT, according to a new global study.
  • 72% Notice In-App Mobile Ads That Match Their General Interests
    Consumers see ads wherever they are, but that doesn't mean they always pay attention to ads they see or even which ads they notice most, especially those on mobile devices.
  • California Wine Maker Launches 1 Million NFC-Connected Bottles
    Connected bottles are finally coming to the U.S. California wine brand Boen, part of Cooper Cane Wines and Provisions by Joseph Wagner, is releasing 1 million NFC-connected wine bottles across the U.S.
  • 'AI Bar' Uses Facial Recognition To See Who's Next In Line
    London-based data science company DataSparQ created the system.
  • Voice Assistants Get A Daily Workout
    Consumers are putting their voice assistants to work. By now, most people have at least heard of voice assistants, such as in the smart speaker lines of Amazon or Google.
  • Sony Making A Silent, Wearable Air Conditioner
    The device, called Reon Pocket, would slide into the pocket of a specially made undershirt and be controlled via mobile app.
  • 105 Million Voice Assistants Projected To Access Smart Home Devices This Year
    More than 90% of voice assistants will be used to control smart home devices by 2024, according to Juniper Research.
  • Walmart Launches Self-Driving Car Pilot
    Company will test autonomous vehicle to move customer orders on two-mile route between two stores in the retailer's hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas.
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