• Shoppers Want Better Self-Checkout Tech
    74% of shoppers in a survey said difficulty in entering goods and frequent overrides were their biggest concerns with self-checkout tech.
  • Walmart Unveils Grocery-Picking Robot
    The technology can allow shoppers to place orders closer to pick-up time and reduce time when picking up an order.
  • Toyota Intros Its Smart City Concept At CES
    The "Woven City" is part of the automaker's transitions from a transportation company to a mobility company, as Toyoda defined previously.
  • Samsung's Harman Shows A More Connected, In-Car Experience At CES
    CES highlights industry trends or directions, and self-driving cars were the focus two years ago. Last year: enhancing the driver experience.
  • Smart Oven Thermometer: Little Things That Count At CES
    You don't need a smart stove or any other smart appliance to use the little device -- just a smartphone.
  • Consumer Tech Sales To Hit $422B This Year: CTA
    Spending on software and streaming services including music, video and video gaming, projected to reach record high of $81.2 billion.
  • CES 2020: 175,000 Attendees Looking For Winning Products
    Connected cars look to make a big splash again this year, with new lidar sensor technologies and advanced car infotainment.
  • Bosch To Intro New Autonomous Car Sensors At CES
    Bosch is unveiling new, long-range sensors for autonomous cars just in time for CES. The light detection and ranging system would be produced for automakers at scale, with expectations of lower costs for the traditionally high-priced technology.
  • What You Read: The 'Connected Thinking' Top 10 In 2019
    Drones, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are among the topics of the top-10 stories read here this past year.
  • Facial Recognition Market On Pace To Double
    While governments around the world have been investing significant resources in this technology, the U.S. and China are the leading adopters.
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