• Smartphone Shipments Plunge 38% Due To COVID-19
    The market of connected things is taking at least a short-term hit due to COVID-19. Global smartphone shipments dropped 38% annually in the month of February.
  • Self-Driving Truck Company Hits End Of The Road
    Since its founding in 2015, Starsky Robotics raised more than $20 million to develop driverless trucks. But now the company has shut down.
  • The Internet Of Things Vs. IoT Hype
    There's a race between the Internet of Things and the hype around it. As with any emerging technological innovation, the hype typically comes before the market.
  • Waymo Halts Robotaxi Services With Human Drivers; Automated Rides Continue
    Autonomous car trials, especially those with backup drivers, are being impacted by COVID-19.
  • Coronavirus Slowing Growth Of Wearables Market
    The coronavirus is taking its toll on the wearables market, at least from a growth perspective. The market is now projected to grow 9% this year, reaching 368 million devices shipped, according to the latest forecast.
  • AR, VR Investments Slide For Year
    Virtual and augmented reality live in a state of future potential. After cardboard VR viewers and failed consumer AR glasses, the technologies just aren't catching on.
  • Coronavirus Slashing Smart Home Market Revenue By $19.5 Billion
    The global smart-home market is being hit hard by the coronavirus. The market now is forecast to fall nearly $20 billion short of previous estimates for 2020.
  • Uber Resumes Self-Driving Car Trials
    Uber had stopped its trials in California in the wake of a fatal crash in Arizona two yeas ago.
  • Self-Driving Truck Convoys Hitting The Road
    Late last year, Land O'Lakes used an autonomous truck from Plus.ai to test coast-to-coast deliveries of its butter.
  • Wearables Market Grows 89%; 337 Million Devices Shipped
    Global shipments of wearable devices grew a whopping 82% in Q4 2019, reaching 119 million units. The stunning growth was driven by hearables, which accounted for more than half of the entire market.
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