• VR, Future TV, Robotics Among 'Best Inventions Of 2019'
    The list of 100 top inventions includes devices for hearing and seeing, navigating and learning.
  • Digital Commerce Spending Set To Increase 66%
    More than a quarter (27%) of the spending will be the remote purchase of physical goods, according to a new forecast by Juniper Research.
  • 79% Of New Car Buyers Prefer In-Car Tech Over Brand
    They would consider abandoning a favorite automaker or vehicle to get the latest smart technology, according to a study by GfK.
  • Volkswagen Commits $66 Billion For Future Cars
    That figure accounts for slightly more than 40% of VW's investments in property, plant and equipment and all research and development costs.
  • 746,000 Autonomous-Ready Vehicles Expected By 2023
    Gartner also sheds some light on the potential future cost of an autonomous vehicle: $300,000 to $400,000 each.
  • Wearables Ownership Hits 56%
    Thanks to smartwatches and fitness bands, the wearables market marches on. More than half of U.S. adults who know about wearables now own at least one of the devices.
  • Walmart, Apple Partner For Voice Shopping
    Voice Order, announced earlier this year, gives Walmart customers the option to add items to their online grocery cart by saying the words.
  • Millennial Parents Turn To Tech To Treat Their Children
    Millennial parents would consider a range of high-tech treatments for the health and wellness of their children, depending on where they live. A majority (52%) of U.S. parents and 60% of U.K. parents would be very comfortable allowing a properly tested, fully functional 3D printed heart to be implanted in their child in the future.
  • Grocer Adds AI-Powered Smart Shopping Carts
    The Caper Smart Cart, from New York-based Caper, includes an interactive screen and autonomous checkout technology.
  • 82% Of Black Friday Week Shoppers Plan To Buy Tech Devices
    Tech devices are the hot items for holiday shoppers. About half (49%) the U.S. population plans to shop during Black Friday week (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) and 82% of those shoppers plan to purchase tech devices and accessories.
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