• Today's Brand-Building Tools: Purpose And A Commitment to Cause
    Radical transparency and vocal consumers-powered by social media-are rewriting the rules of marketing every day. Brands are being forced to be more agile, with marketers scrambling to keep up with highly connected, fully participatory and increasingly demanding consumers. It's a relentless pace that Target's VP of PR, Dustee Tucker Jenkins, recently described as, "Hours are like days, days are like weeks, weeks are like months." If this acceleration makes you dizzy, you're not alone.
  • Brand Connection: Your Story Can Inspire The Perfect Sponsorship
    For much of his life, Patrick Downey was the perfect personification of the Converse brand. He was an artist who had developed his own unique, personal style-the crown jewel of which was his uniform of dark pants, flannel tops and Chuck Taylors. He wore it every day. And this is exactly how his family and friends remember him.
  • Google For Nonprofits: Discounts, Free Resources And Grant Money
    Are you a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in the United States? If so, you could be eligible for the Google for Nonprofits program.
  • Cause Marketers: Stop Beating Yourselves Up!
    A headline recently stopped me in my tracks: "Marketers don't practice ROI they preach."
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Comes In Threes
    A lot of things in life are better in threes; Stooges, for instance. Or, coins in a fountain. Or, little pigs. Or, Bee Gees. Or, Great Pyramids at Giza. Or laws of motion.