Adventures In Texting
    A few months ago, I attended the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference and wrote a post about how several sessions discussed SMS marketing, or texting your constituents. I came back from the conference fresh and excited about the possibilities, and started a small texting campaign at my nonprofit around one of our upcoming annual events. Since I originally wrote about the hypotheticals of texting your constituents, I thought I should write a follow-up post on what we've learned so far (and so that you can learn from my mistakes!).
    The Moral Of The Story
    Several years ago, I was sitting in one of those semi-awkward meetings where a prospective client invited a few competing agencies in to talk about a potential assignment. At the beginning of the meeting, we were each asked to give a quick introduction. When it was my turn to speak, I shared "[We are] often called an advertising agency, but we prefer to think of ourselves as storytellers." At that moment, every other agency leader quickly chimed in to say that they're storytellers, too.
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