• Nonprofit Blogging
    Blogging is not just a hobby anymore. Blogs have become a powerful tool -- they can increase your brand awareness, let you share knowledge and establish yourself or your organization as an expert, and generally grow your donor base.
  • Branding Efforts Of Olympic Proportions
    If you are like me, you were voraciously watching the London Olympics last month and are still probably sad that it's over. Watching so many sporting events, featuring athletes from different countries, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I always watch sports through my marketer's lens and as a result, examine slogans, uniforms, and ad campaigns with a critical eye. My friends watching with me may not appreciate my verbal analysis of such things during the action, but I can't help myself.
  • The Golden Rule
    Finding cures. Educating young people. Fighting hunger. Caring for those in need. It's not surprising that the nearly universal appeal of those classic causes make them the focus of the overwhelming majority of cause-marketing campaigns.
  • Peers Affect Charitable Giving
    When I was writing the Children's Miracle Network Telethon, I struggled with the question of how much to ask people to give. It was received wisdom that we should ask even for small donations; $5 or less, for instance. Or as we often put it, "anything you can give."