• Why Pepsi Canned The Refresh Project
    After years of attention, interest and fanfare, earlier this year Pepsi let its much-vaunted social impact initiative, the Pepsi Refresh Project, quietly fizzle away. Today, if you try to find the project's website, www.refresheverything.com, you'll be redirected to the Pepsi brand site, where you'll encounter the amped-up marketing blitz, "Live for Now," a heavily entertainment-focused campaign that puts Pepsi back on familiar ground: the glitz and glam of pop culture.
  • Giving Season -- Are You Ready?
    The holiday season is upon us. Is your nonprofit ready? I've heard it called the giving season, some just call it year-end, but you need to have a strategy, because everyone knows that year end can make you or break you for the whole year. On average, charities receive 41% of their total revenue for the entire year during the giving season. I'm sure you know that already, so the question is do you have a game plan for 2012?
  • Big Surprise: When Customer Service Or Sales Go Rogue, You Lose Customers
    I recently experienced two epic customer service fails. Like many things in life, we can all learn a lot when things go awry-that is, if we pay attention.
  • Seeing Red About Lousy Pink Campaigns
    I'm as far as you can get from an "I hate pink" critic of the breast cancer cause-marketing phenomenon, but I am frustrated by the number of bad to mediocre campaigns that emerge each October. These "me too" efforts damage the credibility of companies doing an outstanding job of mixing cause with commerce.
  • Cause Rocket: New Market, New Value Network