What A Difference A Month Makes ...
    A lot of updates happened over the past month that will directly impact the Google Grants accounts that I know a lot of nonprofits use. Since some of these updates were sent to users via email instead of via an official announcement, I thought I'd write up a summary, in case you missed it.
    It's Simple: Deliver What You Promise
    This year was the nail in the coffin. As a musician and former employee of the performing arts, I want to love the Grammys. I really do. But this year, when they failed to deliver on a promise, I realized I'm done. All night long, an all-star "tribute" to Bob Marley was pitched, promoted and promised on air and via social media. What we got was two current pop stars singing their own tunes, and then another one chiming in to sing one Marley song (fun fact: the man wrote over 200 songs) - joined briefly by two of Marley's …
    Is Aggregation The Right Approach?
    In the holiday season, it's easy for a retailer to be involved in two or three or even more cause promotions at the same time. But when you activate these promotions, should you aggregate them together, or spread them around?
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