• The Evolution Of Impact: Expanding Social Commitment To Drive Brand Advantage
    I recently spoke on a panel about cause marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, where an MBA candidate asked a simple but fundamental question: "Who is driving cause in the marketplace, consumers or companies?" The answer: both. And things are about to get a lot more interesting. Marketers and brand builders take note: the future will be all about leveraging societal impact as a source of innovation and business advantage. Here's a look at some key trends showing where things are headed.
  • Resolutions And Predictions And Questions In 2012
    Don't you just love that New Year smell? Everywhere you turn, there is the sweet waft of optimism, eagerness and determination that resolutions bring. There isn't one treadmill available anywhere. Lunchrooms are full of people obsessively consuming food normally reserved for rabbits. Workplace parking lots fill up just a bit sooner than usual and empty just a bit later.
  • A Decade Makes A Big Difference
    It seems hard to believe, but 10 years ago the mere mention of marketing elicited frowns from many people I met working in nonprofit organizations.
  • Ikea Saves The Children When Facebook Fans Invite Friends To Shop
    One of the more successful digital tactics for cause marketing is a Facebook "Like" promotion. When you Like the nonprofit's page or the company's page -- or both, depending on the promotion -- the company makes an in-kind or cash donation to the nonprofit.
  • Three Cause-marketing Trends I'm Working On In 2012
    With 2012 just two days old, there have been a profusion of futurists, economists, marketers, and thinkers making predictions about what 2012 may hold. Perhaps mauve is now super-cool among trendy Tokyo teens. So prognosticators make predictions about how mauve will explode in popularity in the coming year in Europe and North America.