• Becoming Human Again, For The First Time
    We can all relate to overcompensating when we feel less than confident in any situation - too much cologne or perfume before the first date after a long period of being on the sidelines or circling a building a dozen times an hour before or even a day before a big interview or pitch.
  • Will Your Nonprofit Pick QR Codes Or NFC?
    People may not be scanning QR codes forever, or passing their smartphones near an NFC chip, but demand for online content to enhance and support offline activities is strong. That's what your nonprofit needs to begin addressing. In this, you have no choice.
  • Mixing Serious Causes With A Sense Of Humor
    Cause marketing is full of earnest appeals and images designed to touch your heart and your tear ducts. The field has a fascinating minority of marketers who succeed at mixing purpose with a sense of humor.
  • The Mash-up Of Games And Cause Marketing
    Almost everyone in the workforce today, excepting the oldest of the Boomers, grew up playing some kind of video or computer game on a console/computer, handheld device, or old-school video games at the arcade. That's basically all or part of three generations. The global video game business is worth more than $56 billion, according to a study from PricewaterhouseCoopers, and is headed toward $82 billion by 2015. Add another $2 billion or so for the fantasy sports leagues (U.S.) and you have the makings of a monster business.