• Maximize Your Google Grant Potential with Ad Extensions
    Do you have a Google Grant? Are you having trouble hitting the spend levels to apply for Grantspro? Enter stage left: Google ad extensions. Ad extensions help attract attention to your ads and can help improve click-through-rates. And if you're trying to increase your daily spend to reach the Grantspro levels, you need enticing ads that users will click on! Here are some additional great benefits to adding an ad extension to your ad.
  • 'Nonprofit' Is A Tax Classification, Not A Business Strategy
    I've worked for several nonprofit organizations over the years-from higher education to educational travel to the performing arts-and I always thought that nonprofits could learn a lot from the corporate world. In my experience, nonprofit organizations are generally reluctant to openly discuss profit, unless it's in regards to fundraising initiatives. Nonprofit organizations need to make money just like everyone else. How else can they accomplish their missions, after all?
  • Often, Cause-Marketing Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
    In spite of my day job, I'm not an unabashed cheerleader for all programs positioned as doing well by doing good. I know that cause marketing efforts run the gamut from lousy and flawed to good and even transformative.
  • Making Donation Amounts Variable
    Imagine if the donation amount in cause marketing was variable. How would that affect participation and results for the company and the cause? For example, we're all familiar with the cause-marketing campaign that asks you to send in Yoplait carton lids to donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Imagine, instead, that the donation amount varies based on the degree to which people participate.