• Your Nonprofit Can Afford To Buy Brand Awareness On AdWords
    So you've started a nonprofit, and you'd like to get the word out. There's social media, SEO, word of mouth, etc., but you're getting impatient. You need a visibility boost, and fast.
  • Guiding Against Mission Creep
    Jennifer Maher has helped build cause marketing campaigns for such causes as Make-A-Wish, the Nature Conservancy, and YMCA of America, and she's learned a few things not only about how to deal with the mechanics of cause marketing and fundraising, but how to manage the confusing wetware involved of cause marketing, too.
  • Facebook Mobile App Install Ads
    One of the great new features in Facebook Advertising is mobile app install ads. If your nonprofit has a great mobile or tablet app, Facebook is a good way to increase awareness and encourage downloads.
  • View-through Conversions And Why They Could Matter To Your Non-profit
    "View-through conversions." Ring a bell? If not, they're a tricky little metric used in the display and social media advertising world to cite an event where a person saw (but didn't click on) your ad and later converted through a different channel. (Here's how Google explains the metric.)
  • Doing Good, The TELUS Way
    TELUS, the second largest telecom company in Canada, attributes its solid brand differentiation and customer loyalty in large part to strategic cause- marketing initiatives.
  • True Believers Increase In Status, Influence
    A recent study finds that "true believers" are more likely than non-believers to increase in status and influence, especially at organizations that are ideologically oriented. So stow away that cynicism, cause marketers, it's bad for your career!
  • One Thing That Really Matters For 2014: Closing The CSR Gap
    It's that time of year again-when Top 10 Trend lists suddenly appear like lights on a tree (so far I've counted dozens, including Tech Trends, Green Marketing Social Media Trends, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends, Supermarket Trends, even the heart-stopping 2014 Top-Ten Call Center Trends).
  • Your 2014 Online Marketing Plan
    Hope you all are having a wonderful giving season. This being the busiest time of year for nonprofits, I'm guessing that your 2014 marketing plan has been put on the back burner for now. But I'm here to help! If you need ideas for new places to start on Jan. 1 (or Jan. 2, let's be honest), then look no further.
  • Choose Your Words Carefully
    "It's complicated" is not only the name of one of my favorite romantic comedies, but it's the conundrum facing everyone trying to integrate messaging about their efforts to do good into their marketing.
  • How A Good Idea Became An Even Better Idea
    In their fun book, Mission in a Bottle, which is about the startup of their business, Honest Tea, Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff talk about a conversation Goldman had with Tom Szaky, the founder of up-cycling firm TerraCycle. Honest Tea, which bottles its Honest Kids fruit drinks in plastic and foil pouches, pioneered a promotion that asked people to send their empty pouches to TerraCycle for up-cycling into other products, while benefiting local schools. Szaky asked, how would Honest Tea feel about TerraCycle taking the pouch up-cycling promotion to a competing producer of kids' pouch drinks?
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