MediaDailyNews Editions for September 2008
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008
Confidence Erodes Among U.S. Ad Execs, Budgets Expected To Decline
The Future Of Media: Interview With Gaby Darbyshire, VP, Gawker Media
Rejected Bailout Decimates Media Stocks
Prez Ads Run Again In Network News
Rainbow Gives Martin President Stripes
More Americans Watching Online Video
AT&T's New Partner: DirecTV
Young Broadcasting Stock Plummets--Again
'New York Sun' Sets
Bad Market: Newspapers Down Less Than Expected
Football Ruled Sunday, But 'Housewives' Hold Their Own
Washington Post Co. Acquires Foreign Policy
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Sept. 29, 2008
WPP Wants More Green, Eyes Emerald Isle
Study Finds Voters More Involved With Campaign Media, Dispels Myth That Online Will Swing Election
The Future Of Media: Radio
Even In Olympic Year, NBC's TV Stations Get Hit
Anderson Upped To Top Programmer, ABC Radio
Course Work: Fox Tees Off With ProLink
MPA Nixes 7 Staffers
Hard to Project 'Runway's' Future After Ruling--Same Goes for Lifetime
Tina Brown To Produce HBO Series
NBC Pushes Digital Health, Out-of-Home Initiatives
Frame Media Runs News, Ads In Online Screen Photos
Newspaper-Distributed Health Mags Fight for Ad Pages
American Cos. May Be Greener Than Customers
'Grey's Anatomy' Kills The Competition
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Sept. 26, 2008
The Future Of Media: The Ultimate Search Engine
Google TV Continues To Bloom, Adds Bloomberg
Brandtique: 'Seventeen,' 'How To Look Good Naked'
Hallmark Renews Charter Distribution
GE: NBC Broadcast Ailing, Cable Strong
'Boston Globe' Debuts 'OT,' New Sports Tabloid
Advertising Week: The Future Belongs To Creative
Updated 'Partridge Family' To Be Developed
Stefano To AMN Team Partnership Director
Turner: Ad-Supported Cable Booming In 3Q
Fly Right: Ads On Airline Trays Enjoy High Recall
New Shows 'Knight,' "Gary' Struggle For Footing
Mag Bag: Bonnier Buys Working Mother Media
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008
The Future Of Media: Journalism
Discovery, You Tube Cross-Promote TV Net
Battista Named Prez, Fox Cable Networks
Bennack To Chairman, Hearst TV
Execs Say Madison Avenue Killing the Radio Star
'NYT' Goes Live With Revamped Tech Site
NBC News iCue Wins WebAward For Best News Site
Channel One, Access 360 Push Youth Vote
OMD Retains Henkel Account
SeeSaw Enhances Sports Coverage With 3 Nets, Blimp
MindShare Drops A Cap, Becomes Mindshare
Siegel + Gale To Open Media Division
'House' Keeps Tuesday Healthy For Fox
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008
'Collateral Damage:' Ad Spending Falls At Steepest Rate Since 2001
The Future Of Media: We've Been Here Before
Horizon: Market Volatility Opportunity For Advertisers
CBS, Disney Stream TV Via Netflix
Media X: The Final Countdown
Wieden, Starbucks Split After 4 Years
Advertising Week: Verklin Promises 'New Medium of TV'
PBS Trounces Rivals, Wins 10 Emmys
DirecTV's 101 Makes Fall Season Ad-Free
RIAA: Details Royalty Deal With Online Radio
New Ratings May Be Shaving Points for ESPN
Summer Doldrums: Radio Downturn Broadens In August
'Life' Magazine Resurrected As Web Site
CBS Wins First Night, New Season
Text Messaging Explodes In U.S.
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008
MRC Becomes Capitalist Tool, Accredits
4Q Ad Spend: Holiday Numbers Expected To Plummet
WNBC-TV: Cuts, New Focus
Advertising Week: Execs Forecast Industry Future
Lawrence Leads Horizon Interactive Digital Group
Emmys Tank, Record Lowest Numbers Ever
Microsoft, CNBC Team For Mobile Ads
Honda Fit Drives CW's Biggest Promo
Lifetime Rocks 'Rita' With Aggressive Launch
David Ogilvy Honored With Paley Center Exhibit
'Spry' Publisher Optimistic Despite Tough Times
MPG, RJ Palmer, RPA Sign New Long-Term Deals With Donovan
Goodby Takes Top CMA Honors: OMD, Starcom, Horizon Reap Multiple Awards
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Sept. 22, 2008
Creative Media Awards Finalists: Creative
Media Stocks Get Big Results With Wall Street's Wild Ride
Nielsen Assesses Convention, Possible Debate Viewers
United For Strength Beats SAG, Board Realigned
Media Buying's Biggest Threat: Status Quo
BBC America To Cover U.S. Prez Debates
HD Radio Trumpets Data Expansion
'Big Brother' Gets Renewed For 11th Season
August Run: Newspapers Continue Rev Declines
Younger Dads Buy More For Kids, Marketers Realign Pitches
'Supernatural' Scores Earthly Joys For CW
Sony Sells 'Dr. Oz' To 14 Big Markets
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Sept. 19, 2008
Creative Media Awards Finalists: Communications Channel Plan
Brandtique: GM's Saturn, 'Runway'
Nielsen: Ad Spend Down Slightly, TV Bright Spot
CBS To Sell 50 Radio Stations
MediaBank Readies Interactive TV Buys
Haljun New Mediaedge Managing Director
On Location: Nielsen Debuts Out-of-Home Service
Media General: August Revs Down 4.4%
Fox Seesaw: Dramas Up, Comedies Down
'NYT', 'Herald-Tribune' To Carry Financial News Site
Mag Bag: 'Rachael Ray' Cooks Up Success Promo
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008
Murdoch: Good Time To Get 'Bigger Share' Of Cable
Radio Interaction Heightened Via Mobile Phones
CBS' Moonves: Political Ads Will Save 4Q
Nickelodeon Orders New Show: 'Fanboy and Chum Chum'
Radio Revenues Fall 11% In August
Bad News, Everybody! More Hits for Newspapers Names McKenna Biz Development Director
Social Media Ad Council Formed
ESPN: Big Hike In Out-of-Home Football Viewers
Gamers Next Frontier For Political Ads
Scripps Adds Inventory, Gets 'Loser,' 'Queer Eye'
CBS Promotes 7 Shows On EcoHangers, Rooftops Near LAX
Nielsen: Rise In Mobile-Only Phone Users
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008
The CEO Summit: Big 6 Media Chiefs Sound Off On The Economy
Media Exclusive -- Literally: Study Finds Newspapers Most Devoted Medium, TV Is Not
Creative Media Awards Finalists: Media Plan
Media X: Garbage Out
Cramer To Reuters Global Editor
Discovery Goes Public, Begins Trading Thursday
Cablevision Rejiggers Sundance Channel
McSlarrow: Retrans Uncertainty Creates Cable 'Storm'
USA Today Opens Detroit Airport Store Revamps Opinions Channel
Print This: Magazine Audiences Up
Sour Note: Radio Down 8%-9% in August
ESPN's Football and 'Gossip Girl' Going Strong
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