MediaPost Weekend Editions for February 2014
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014
Universal Truth
Hey Facebook, Wassup With WhatsApp: Deal Gives Mobile Messenger 7% Of The Social Net
What Does WhatsApp's Success Say About Advertising?
WhatsApp Gets U.S. Bounce From Facebook Deal
Are You Doing Your Part To Save Twitter?
Marketers Plan Surge In 'Social Media' Spending, But Don't Know How To Quantify Its Impact
Brands On Twitter Draw Crowds But Not Conversation
Web Access Via Mobile Phones, Tablets Rises In 2013
'American Idol' Triumphant: Fox Has Found A Way To Keep Viewers Watching During Commercials!
The Golden Age Of Binging
Why You Should Shut Up And Love Your Cable Bundle
Coke To Increase Media Spend By Up To $1 Billion
Watchdogs Say Sponsored Stories' Settlement Won't Protect Teens
Olympians Go 'Native' With Sponsored Tweets From Athletes
Sochi Olympics Ratings Still Trail 2012 Games
Reporting On TV Ratings
Comcast (Merger) Must Die
Can Comcast-Time Warner Give Marketers A Better Platform?
Google, Magna Global Strike Multimillion-Dollar Upfront Partnership
Cox Begins Selling Linear TV Inventory Programmatically
Opera Unveils Sponsored Data Packages
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014
Why You Now Know More Than Your Airline Does
Paid. Owned. Urned.
Can Comcast-Time Warner Give Marketers A Better Platform?
Bear With Me: The Sound And The Furry
Forget Facebook Likes: It's Time To Return To Fans
360i Revamps Top Management, Sarah Hofstetter Named Global CEO
comScore Gets Firmer GRP On Google, Solidifies Position As Online Currency
Nielsen Capitulates, Agrees To Withhold Broadband Households From Local Ratings -- For Now
Interpublic Report: It's Time To Shift From Nielsen Ratings To 'Impressions-Based' Trading
Magna Adds 'High Definition' To The Buying Process
The Data-Driven Future Of TV: Will Spots Be Cherry-Picked Or Cherry-Packaged?
Battle Of The TV Sign-In Data: Apple Plans New Set-Top Box
The Next Huge Television Hit Will Be ...
IAB Redefines Ad Engagement, Clarifies Core Metrics Cross-Platform
DARPA Builds Search Engine To Dig Deep Into Web
Social Media Makes Us Dumb, But Think We're Smart
Connected Devices To Surpass 6 Billion
'Always' Approaches Half: 48% Now Connected All The Time
The Future Of Native
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014
Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood
Super Bowl High-Pressure Zones
The Ultimate Super Bowl Commercial
Is Anything More American Than A Dylan Spot?
Hearst Taps Nativo For Native Ads
Horizon, Clear Channel Ink $100 Million Deal
Jay Leno's Grandly Entertaining (And Surprisingly Emotional) Farewell
Why TV Dollars Won't Go Online -- In 10 Words
Digitally Speaking, CBS, Time Warner, Disney Bigger Than Facebook
Social Media Isn't Winning On Madison Avenue
Sold-Out Oscars' $1.7M Price Tag Draws 14 Major Advertisers
AOL's Best Year In A Decade Fueled By Programmatic
MasterCard Awards Global Media Duties To Carat
Ad Execs Rate Meredith No. 1 Media Company - Again
Coke, Green Mountain To Co-Sell Home Drinks Maker
Judge Orders Reconciling Of KSL's 2013 Transactions
The Sexual Politics Of 'Downton Abbey'
Mediaocean Pivots (Again): This Time It's A 'Software Company'
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014
It's official: real time, now dead.
So Many Super Bowl Ads To Watch Before The Super Bowl
Super Bowl Ads Rack Up 44 Million Views On YouTube Pre-Game
Hey, Look At All These Cute Babies Failing In Various Ways!
Stan Mack Is Back!
Never Underestimate The Human Ability To Ignore Data
NBCU, Comcast Ad Tool Targets Addressable Spots
The De-Bimbo-ization Of Super Bowl Ads? A Girl Can Dream
IAB Explores Alternatives To Cookies
NBC's Jay Leno Tells All - On CBS!
Software Is Eating Marketing -- And Your Job
Google Scoops Up Artificial Intelligence Firm DeepMind
CBS Extends Nielsen Cross-Platform Metrics Deal
Missing the Target with Targeted Ads
Click Fraud Costs Marketers $11B, IAB Issues Key Report
Horizon Turns New Page In Programmatic, Guarantees Ad Is In-View Before Bid Is Made