Online Media Daily Editions for June 2001
Online Media Daily - Friday, June 29, 2001
Cable Nielsen Ratings
"Oprah" Spinoff Readied For 2002
Yahoo Buys Launch
National Review Editor Wins Top Prize
NASCAR Ratings Up On FOX
Tobacco Industry Wins Advertising Battle
Out To Launch
It's A Bird? It's A Plane? It's An Ad!
Global Ad Budgets To Rise Only 1.4% This Year
Online Media Daily - Thursday, June 28, 2001
Bookspan's Latest Ad Format -- Gizmoz
Record $$$ To Online Auctions
Viewers Flocking to NBC's Reality
Strategics Media Solutions Launched
CosmoGIRL! Going Global, Again
Marriott Launches Guest Room Magazine
Telemundo Gets Bigger
GoCard Acquires A Division Of HotStamp
MSN To Host First Site For 2002 Olympics
High Court Strikes Down Most Tobacco Ad Limits
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, June 27, 2001
MTV Rethinks Position On Em
PubliGroupe Partners to Provide Integrated Media Opps
Fallon Lops Off 30
23% Of Adults Likely To Read An E-Book Next Year
More "Millionaire" News
General Mills Chooses Catalina
Jupiter Does Europe
Snipermail Sites Generate Names For Opt-In Email Lists
Ratings Roundup
More Magazines Read than TV Watched, Study Shows
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, June 26, 2001
Canada Loves Its Reader's Digest
Study Finds Superstitials On "Equal Footing" With TV
MeasureCast Index Rises To Another All-Time High
Vivendi Universal Fights Rumors Of Ad Implosion
Court: Mandatory Ads Break Law
Arbitron to Measure Mexico City Radio Audiences
The Launch Of
Yanks Radio Rights Up In Air
Nielsen//NetRatings is Launched in Switzerland
Outdoor Life Network Chooses e-Media
L90 Signs Sports Illustrated For Kids Online
Harry Potter On AOL
BURST! Media Far Surpasses Industry Expectations
Amicada to Place Ad Council TV PSAs On Web
NBC Reluctantly Oks Olympics Tape-Delay
Freelance Writers Win Court Battle
When Will We See VOD?
Online Media Daily - Monday, June 25, 2001
Shopping For A Catalyst?
Busch Wins Top Award
Ask Jeeves Coming Up Roses For JustFlowers
PointRoll And iWon Unviel New Ad Concept
Who Wants To Be In Syndication
PocketBoxOffice Available Through Verizon Wireless
First Streaming Media Ad Verification Service Launched to Relaunch With "Eye It, Buy It" Features
SpinBox Welcomes Stranded AdForce Customers
A New Way To Audit Magazine Readers
New Online Ads Can't Be Missed
Activebuddy Transforms Instant Messaging Into A Marketing Tool
Online Media Daily - Friday, June 22, 2001
The Media Edge Wins
Cable Nielsen Ratings
Kaleidoscope to Purchase Muller Media
Journal Sentinel Cuts 30
Two More Years of Drew
MSN Acquires Yupi, Looks To Hispanic Ad Opportunities
Masters Goes to 18-Hole Coverage
Out To Launch
Online Media Daily - Thursday, June 21, 2001
"I Bet You Will" Celebrates One Year Mark
Pep Boys Sponsors Pennsylvania 500
So You Want A Revolution?
CAM Launches Eclipse ASP
Skyline Stays Sexy
Make Streaming Files Yourself
Millionaire, Weakest Link, Searching For Daylight
Media Gloomy About Advertising
Broadcasters Get Beltway Boost
Promotional Products Industry Posts Record Growth
Scoop: How Haagen-Dazs Is Promoting A New Sundae
NBC Slashes Ad Rates To Spur Sales
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, June 20, 2001
Recovery Television Network in Florida
Kalamazoo Getting Broadband TV
yesmail Selects Hodgson
MIT Sues Time and CNet
Tying The Knot With LIFETIME
.Com Marketing, Mind Gel Partner For 3-D Content
NYT Cuts Jobs
Digitas Cuts 130
Shaq and Anne Rack Up a Win
It's a Down Year for Advertising, Not for Streaming
Hellman's Salad Dressings On MSN?
Internet Radio Network Debuts in MeasureCast Top 25
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Zoloft Wins First EthicAd Award
AETN Interactive Launches New Online Radio Service
Univision and RCN Unite
Media Executives Gloomy About Ads
People Like Tiger, Not Golf
Dow Jones And Engage To Produce Electronic Tearsheets
Internet Radio Goes Local
Consumers Faced with Halted Radio Streams Find Alternatives
Online Media Daily - Monday, June 18, 2001
Yahoo! Broadcast Services Launches Marketing Webcast Package
Cable Nielsens
Advertising Confidence Index For Third Quarter Stabilizes
Two-Thirds Of Mobile Users Willing To Receive Ads By 2005
Clear Channel to Resume Webcasting
Reinventing Online Profilers
Vendaria Unveils Video Banner Ads
iVillage Completes Acquisition
Lancome Selects Avenue A
Orbitz.Com Traffic Skyrockets
Partnering to Provide Rich Media Ads
Forming a Surge
Disney Channel Nominated
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