Real-Time Daily Editions for April 2016
Real-Time Daily - Friday, April 29, 2016
New Service In Beta Seeks To Track And Measure Ad Blocking
AppNexus Bulks Up On The Buy Side
Cardlytics' New Syndicated Audiences Solution Is No 'Spray And Pray,' Says CMO
Programmatic Is Dead, Long Live The Programmable Age
SITO Mobile Extends Walk-In Solution To Canada With Cieslok Media
Facebook Ad Stack Remains In Flux As More Cuts Come To LiveRail
Google Tests Feature That Allows Media Companies, Marketers Publish Directly To Search Results
Why Booming Ad Tech M&A Is Bad News For IPOs
AppNexus Names AJ Kintner To Sales Post Ahead Of A New Buy-Side Offering
Data-Driven Oracle Updates Marketing Cloud
How Ad Fraud, Ad Blocking And Viewability Are Interrelated
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, April 28, 2016
How Do The TV Guys Think About Programmatic?
Flashtalking Taps New SVP U.S. Client Operations And VP Platform Operations
Facebook Is Growing Revenue Faster Than Users
Students At Canadian College Learn The Ins And Outs of Programmatic With Centro
Marissa vs. Tim: Does Verizon's Interest in Yahoo All Come Down to an Old Google Standoff?
Facebook Says It Racked Up 60 Million Users In The Last 3 Months
Ad Blocking Not Being Taken Seriously Enough By Marketers, Says Diageo
Carriers Have Approached Ghostery About Using Its Tech To Deploy Network-Level Ad-Blocking
What Do Time Inc. And Its Viant Have To Tell Us?
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
GroupM Report Suggests It Might Be Time To Ditch The Zero In 30-Second Ads
BPA Responds To Call To Track Ad-Blocking Data
Are Young Companies Ready For Programmatic?
Nest And MGM Resorts Lean In On Analytics
Beyond Blocking: Building Better Creative
When Martech Eats Adtech: The Next 3-5 Years
P&G Finds More Room To Improve Ad Agency Costs
The Future Of The Internet Is At Stake With Next-Generation Ad Blocking
Shine to IAB: Focus on the True "Bad Actors"
Using Data In Predictive Analytics Helps B2Bs Throughout The Funnel
Marketing Technology Industry Sees Growing Consolidation
Carriers Have Approached Ghostery About Using Its Tech To Deploy Network-Level Ad-Blocking
3 Lessons Facebook Can Teach Ad-Tech Industry
Ad-Blocking Forces Marketers To Understand What's Really Valuable
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Prospects For In-App Programmatic Ads Depend OnTargeting Improvements
Non-Human Traffic Is Down, Viewability Is Up In Q1 2016
Programmatic Increases Cost, But Produces Better-Performing Ads
OpenX Reports 300% Increase In Header Bidding In Q1 2016
PushSpring Adds MediaMath As Data Destination Partner
Triton Digital Partners With Dentsu Subsidiary To Bring Digital Audio Ad Exchange To Japan
From Spots & Dots To Bots: How Silicon Valley Is Taking The Friction Out Of Madison Avenue
GroupM Connect: WPP's Response To Mainstreaming Programmatic
Bloomberg Sees Cross-Platform Deals Constrained By Agency Buying Process
TV Business Targets Digital Viewership Claims With Proposed Measurement Standard
Real-Time Daily - Monday, April 25, 2016
Independent Third Party Is Needed To Track Ad Blocking Data And Patterns
Criteo Picks Integral Ad Science For Brand Safety
GroupM Questions Digital's 'Integrity,' Estimates Ad-Blocking Averaging 22%
PaperG Rebrands As 'Thunder,' Launches New Creative Tool For Facebook
YuMe Urges Shareholders To Vote For Its Director Picks, Support Strategic Plan
YouTube Faces Challenges In Quest For TV Ad Dollars
Mobile Ad Blocking's Real, But New Data Suggests It May Not Matter
Winning Over The Ad Blockers
5 Standout Startups From Tech Day
Un-Named, Un-Staffed, Newly-Launched Holding Company Aims to Take on WPP, Omnicom and Publicis
Real-Time Daily - Friday, April 22, 2016
Screen-Savvy, Dedicated E-Sports Enthusiasts Offer Untapped Marketing Challenge
BPA Worldwide Extends TAG Certification To AppNexus, Engage:BDR, GumGum And OpenX
Digital Ad Revenue Hit $60B, Mobile Up 66% In 2015
Google Expands AMP To Google News
Former Mozilla VP Darren Herman Starting His Own Holding Co.
Keeping Up With Privacy Concerns In Online Advertising
Q1 Ad Tech M&A Deals Added Up To $2.4 Billion
Digital Ad Revenue Rose 20% in 2015
How To Reduce Non-Human Traffic Rates From 10% To 2% In Programmatic
Xavis Names Harry Harcus UK MD
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, April 21, 2016
Facebook's Move To Improve Transparency
Google Wants In On The Linear And Addressable TV Market
Republican Ad Agency Gears Up For Elections With Rocket Fuel
Ad Tech Is Broken -- Here's How Newsrooms Can Help Fix It
PulsePoint Officially Launches Header Bidding Product, Touts Average CPM Increases Of 147%
Researcher Revises Worldwide Ad Spending Growth Downward
AppNexus Sees MRC Accreditation As Move Toward Viewability-Based Future
YouTube Study Says It Delivers Better ROI Than TV
Taboola's Full Page Personalization Tool Offers Customized On-Site Experience
Verizon Patent Deals With Facial Recognition For Ad Targeting
20% To 50% Of Media Spend Wasted In Siloed Planning Methods
A Guide To Counter Ad-Blocking Tech
Media DIY: Honest Assessment Before Taking The Plunge
Ghostery Wants To Bring Ad-Blocking Technology To Broadband Providers
Real-Time Advertising Helps Candidates Deal With Election Unpredictability
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Compensation Choice: A Better Way To Stop Ad Blocking
Facebook Partners With Integral Ad Science, Nielsen And comScore On Viewability
Sovrn Completes Acquisition of U.K.-Based OnScroll, Enables European Expansion
Teads Opens Video Ad Ops to Canada
Yahoo Search Business Takes A Beating, Mobile And Display Bright Spot
Yahoo's Digital Ad Revenue Takes A Tumble
In Q1, Omnicom's Accuen Adds $25M In New Revenue
Standards, Measurement Top Challenges For New Ad-Tech Stack
Marketing Technology Evolves U.S. Media Buyers' Approach
Ad Blocking Is Gaining Ground In The U.K.
Google's Latest Move Is Validation For Header-Bidding Direction
Ad Blockers Prevent Sites From Working Properly, Study Finds
Ad Tech Doesn't Get Schmoozed
Ad Blockers Don't Just Block Ads, They Break The Internet
Forget Privacy Concerns -- Block The Blockers And They'll Soon Come Back
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, April 19, 2016
History Shows That Walls Have A Way Of Coming Down
Apester Closes $17M Series A Round
Lotame Looks To Local TV For Data
Unruly Ad Inventory Available Via The Trade Desk
MediaMath Launches Marketing Institute In APAC
DOmedia Launches Supply-Side Platform For Out-Of-Home Advertising
Data Management Platforms Growing More Important In China
Android Inventory Soars On Exchanges, Demand Shifting To Private Markets
Twitter Makes It Easier For Large Brands To Target Smaller Groups
Citing Tech And Consumer Changes, Dentsu Centralizes Digital, Forms New Unit
Verizon Leading Yahoo Bidder Pool
Real-Time Daily - Monday, April 18, 2016
The Key To Audience-Based Metrics: Testing, Testing And More Testing
Advertisers Need Help With Programmatic
Consumer Awareness Of Blockers Reaches Critical Mass, 42% Would Pay
Is An RTB Supply Crisis Looming?
The Weather Company Gets A New Head of Data Science for Ad Products
When Will Programmatic Mobile Native Take Off?
TV Ad Spending Shows Signs Of Strength
The Future Of Media Agencies In Today's Programmatic World
Hearst Eyes The Future, Bets Big On Programmatic Native And Data
Does UK Lead In Programmatic And Unviewable Connected Ads?
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