Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for January 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 29, 2016
Microsoft Sees Windows 10 Increase Demand For Bing
Adobe Sees Significant Shift To Mobile Search, But Signs Point To Slowing Growth
The Unquantified Self: Advertising's Opt-in Challenge
IBM Acquires Resource/Ammirati, Its First Digital Ad Agency
Cable Companies Fight Proposed Set-Top Box Changes
'Forbes' Tests Ways To Sideline Ad Blocking
Cruz Takes Center Stage At Last GOP Debate Pre-Iowa Caucuses
BloomReach Raises $56 Million To Personalize The Web
Multi-Time Machine Wants To Take Amazon Battle To Supreme Court
Google Reveals Reward Paid To Guy Who Surrendered Domain Name
3 Digital Strategies To Win The Super Bowl, With Any Marketing Budget
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016
Search: Why Marketers Should Rethink The Definition
Alec Baldwin, Amazon's Alexa Show Off Voice Search In Echo's First Super Bowl Ad
14 Important SEO Tasks
Yahoo Redesigns App, Home Page To Foster Community, Drive Search
Google Faces MPs On 'Sweetheart' Tax Deal
Google Backs FCC Proposal For New Set-Top Box Rules
Google AdWords Does The Math
Hyundai To Launch New Campaign During Super Bowl
Alibaba Q4 Earnings Beat Estimates
Local Telecoms Exploiting Facebook's Free Basics
Apple Fixes Safari Problem
IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg Targets The Truth
Marketers Must Make CSR The New CRM
Retargeting Content As The Next Frontier
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016
AdGooroo Builds Local Insight To Analyze Competitors' Campaigns
Nielsen Makes Digital Ad Ratings Available In Google DoubleClick
IAB: Identifying Cross-Channel Audiences Key To Marketers In 2016
AdStage Automation Platform Connects Campaigns Across Search, Social Networks
80% Of People Would Reconsider Installing Ad Blockers, Cite Word-Of-Mouth
Why The Time Is Perfect For The IAB's Data Center Of Excellence
Moz Raises $10 Million In Funding
Google Shutters Glass Social Pages, Focuses On Enterprise
Google Updates Search Tool in Inbox App
Social Media Is Persuasive Form Of Digital Democracy
What Will Your Legacy Be?
Apple's Silver Lining
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016
Google AMP Project To Support Ads When It Launches In February
Google Mobile Search Widens Gap With Rivals
Learning From Google's Panda Algorithm
The 'Get-It' Gap
IAB: Technology Gap Requires Advertising Industry To Build Global Support Network
How-To: Google Real-Time Dynamic Search Ads
The Marketing Stack Is Dead
Yahoo Japan Becomes First Founding IAB Japan Member Outside U.S.
Google Glass's Social Accounts Go Dark
Google Experiments With Content For Political-Related Searches
BIA/Kelsey: Mobile Local Search Important SMB Strategy In 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 25, 2016
Holographic, Interactive Search Queries Would Reignite In-Home Experiences
Wikia Spawns Fandom To House Entertainment Content
Does Google Really Think We're That Stupid?
IAB Opens Data Center, Names MediaMath's Zawadzki Chair
The New Reach Of Beacons: Broadway, Rite-Aid, Sales Terminals
Analyst Upgrades Yahoo To 'Buy,' Says There's Nowhere To Go But Up
Six Free Tools To Strengthen Competitive Advantage
Ad Industry Could Face Talent Shortage, Says New IAB Chair Wiener
Microsoft To Purchase Property In Google's Mountain View Backyard
Internet Reacts To Brave Ad-Blocking Browser
Ad Market Continues Expansion, Ends 2015 With Highest December Ever
AOL Unifies Publishing Products Into 'One' Platform
Google VR Job Posts Suggest New Hardware
Google Offers A Free Class On Deep Learning
Microsoft Backs Away From FairSearch
Webcams Can Be Found Using IoT Search Engine
Google Glass's Social Accounts Go Dark
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 22, 2016
Microsoft Donates $1 Billion To The Public Cloud
Google's $1 Billion Apple Payoff To Keep Search On iPhone
Here's How Smart Marketers Are Doing Cross-Device
Zeta Interactive Grows Up, Earns Place On Gartner Magic Quadrant List
Native Should Be Concerned About Google More Than The ASA
WebMD Does A Vision Check, Ups Output
IAC Realigns Reporting Segments After Creation Of Publishing Unit
IAB Updates Lexicon, Includes Search Engine References And Techniques
5 Must Dos For Google AdWords
How To Audit The Media Mix
Search Engine Can Find Connected Objects
Will Ad Blocking Become An Issue For Local Advertising Too?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016
Google Patents Weave Thread Through Search, Email, Social
Google Releases Bad Ads Report 2015 Days Before IAB Leadership Meeting
Mobile Paid Search, Product Listing Ads Growth Drivers In Q4 2015
Inmar Acquires Willard Bishop, Pushes Deeper Into Real-Time Retail Insights
Google Expands The Number Of Product Listing Ads Served
SEO Web Site How-Tos From Linking To Schema Markup
Why Search Marketers Should Think Cross-Device Programmatic
Machine Learning Startup Maluuba Gets $6.5M
Fossil Finds Social Followers Spend Four Times More
Vending Machine Of The IoT: Touch Screen, Facial Recognition, Targeting Advertising
Democratization Of Media Consumption Is Good For Marketing
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016
AOL To Take Stake In Taboola
What AOL's Stake In Taboola Means For Search, Discovery
Browser Offers 'Brave' Solution To Ad Blocking, Will Cut Users And Publishers In
YouTube Makes Real-Time Ads Available To Brands Before Super Bowl 2016
Allrecipes Taps Nielsen For Digital Shopper ROI
My Journey From Search Insider To Search Outsider
Yahoo Rolls Native Display Ads Onto BrightRoll, Complementing Search
Microsoft Giving Away $1B In Cloud Services
How 301 Redirects Impact Sites, Brands, Retailers
Surprise! VidCon Announces YouTube As 2016 Title Sponsor
Google Play Removes Game Depicting 2014 Pakistani Terrorist Attack Day Before New School Massacre
Marketing Tech Succeeds Because It's Not About Impressions
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016
How Will The Fourth Industrial Revolution Impact Search Advertisers, Marketers?
Shipping Options In Paid-Search Ads May Drive Better Sales, Brand Image, Loyalty
Google Lets Android Users Install Apps From Search Results
A Frank Chat About Ad Blocking
Microsoft Buying MinecraftEdu
InMobi Would Give Microsoft Some Mobility
The Effort Vs. Engagement Metric
We're Informed -- But Are We Thoughtful?
What's A Web Site To Do?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016
Google YouTube Stars Query Candidates In Democratic Presidential Debate
Google Searches During Democratic Debate Reflect Changing U.S. Attitude
YouTube Launches Local Version In Pakistan
Is Google Swinging The Axe On Untagged Native Advertising?
Apple Confirms It Will Shutter iAd Network
Top Sites Suffer SEO Ranking Drop After Google Update
Minor Marketing Ailments: Stuff We Should All Stop Doing
Google Tweaks Language For Use Of 'Curvy' Keywords In Gmail Ads
How The Sharing Economy Matters To CPG Marketers
EU Data Regulations Tough On Social Nets
Last Pre-Voting Democratic Debate Gets Candidates Fired Up
Google To Shutter Certain Search APIs
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