AdStage Automation Platform Connects Campaigns Across Search, Social Networks

AdStage on Wednesday begins rolling out a self-serve cross-network automation platform it calls Automate that supports optimization rules, performance alerts and scheduling across campaigns running on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The company's engineers built the platform by taking apart an eight-month-old successful yet rudimentary app -- Automated Rules -- and building out an interface, database and infrastructure that allows marketers to build their own mini algorithms to optimize campaigns, explains AdStage CEO and co-founder Sahil Jain.

Automate automates processes, allowing marketers to test ads, create rotations, and make conditional changes across campaigns in real-time automatically through and-if statements. The option to make a change based on specific conditions in the campaign, for example, enables marketers to find all ads running that generate a click-through rate below the average and pause them.

Connected directly to the AdStage API, marketers will have the ability to integrate third-party platforms such as a bid algorithm, a content management tool, or a reporting solution. The platform aims to bridge the gap between platforms and data by using a building-block approach that will eventually link a complete supply chain, even beyond the walls of advertising applications.

Jain's long-term vision turns this ad management platform company into one that supports all processes, strategies and tools that generate demand. The company's engineers are building a middleware platform that marketers will use to bridge applications even outside advertising, Jain explains. He calls them "bridge apps."

This modular vision for the framework will allow Automate to automatically pull lead segments from SalesForce and send them to Marketo, Facebook and LinkedIn weekly, for example. Automate, for now, supports automation across select search and social networks.

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