Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for April 2017
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 28, 2017
Baidu Integrates Video Ads On Android, Native On iOS For Mobile Apps
Google Parent Alphabet Q1 Revenue Surpasses $20B With Growth In Mobile Search
57% Of Video Viewers Discover Content Through Search
Study: Gap Found Between Customer Expectations And Reality
Brands Commit To Increase Online Ad Spend
Digital Channels Kickstart Millennial Searches
Mobile Tops Digital Ad Spend At $36 Billion
Microsoft Q3 Earnings Beat Expectations, Boosted By Cloud Services
Will Brands Restore Spending On YouTube But At Lower Levels?
Digital Voice Assistants Get Better At Assisting
Yelling At Inanimate Electronic Objects
What Advertisers Should Take Away From Google Parent Alphabet's Earnings
What Boycott? Google Ad Revenues Soar 19% In Q1
Home Depot Exposes 8,000 Customers' Data
Scam Takes Facebook, Google For Millions
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 27, 2017
When Amazon Surpasses Google In Consumer Data
In A First, Bing Unveils Custom Audiences Targeting
Google Assistant Most Accurate, Cortana Closing Gap, Per Study
Hertz Ties Search To Mobile Proximity Marketing
Yandex Reports Increase In Earnings, Net Income Falls
Oh, My Faking Head!
Endpoint Computing Brings New Marketing Challenges
The Connected Garden: Cleaning Up Our Digital Ad Mess
Google Boosts Translation Services In India
Google Fiber Readies Louisville Rollout
More Than Half Of All Digital Ad Spending Is Mobile
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Search Contributes To Mobile Influence Of $1 Trillion In Retail Sales
Oath And Verizon Inspire Confidence. Not. Yet.
AT&T's AdWorks Unveils Media Lab, Touts Cross-Screen Addressable Advertising
comScore Antes 'Table Stakes,' Provides Viewability Data Free
The Golden Age Of Retargeting?
Zive Introduces Kiwi For Gmail On Windows
Facebook Gears Up To Fight Fake News
Top Use Of Amazon Alexa, Google Home: Playing Music
Mobile Ads Record Big Boost, Video Helps
Google Takes First Steps To Tackle 'Fake News'
Google Maps Now Remembers Where You Parked
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 25, 2017
New Domains Showing Strong Performance On Par With .Coms
Google Local Inventory Ads Begin To Have A Measurable Impact On Campaigns
CMO Priorities Conflict With Delivering On Customer Experience
HTTPS Accounts For Half Of Page-One Google Search Results
Apple To Cut Affiliate Commissions To 2.5%
Four Consumer Insights To Aid Search
Google: TV Inventory On DBM Provides Data-Driven Approach To Planning, Buying
Inside Google's War On 'Bad' Content
Apple To Cut App Commissions
First Choice: Email Leads In Personalization, Study Finds
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 24, 2017
25% Of Amazon Sellers Use Google AdWords, Search To Advertise, Per Study
Mobile CPCs On The Rise, Reach Highest Levels To Date In Q1
Bing Ads Analyzes Product Feed, Matches It With Relevant Search Queries
Google Offers TV Inventory Via DoubleClick Bid Manager
AR Marketing Shifting, $13 Billion Ad Revenue Projected
Why The YouTube Boycott Is A Good Thing For Creators
Seattle Goodwill Uses Twitter To Sell Goods
How Google Cashes In On The Space Below The Search Bar
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 21, 2017
Who Will Buy 3Q Digital From Harte Hanks?
Amazon Vs. Google: Data Reveals Insights On Trending Searches
Google Display Ads Get Smarter
Social Users Turn Away From 'Interruptive' Ads
FTC Finalizes Privacy Settlement With Turn
IAB Makes TAG Registration Mandatory For Members
SEO Is Dead. No, Really
Murdoch Versus YouTube And Facebook -- It's So On!
Google Payments Will Make Email An E-Commerce Powerhouse
Blocking Poor Web Ad Experiences: What's In It For Google?
Why Media Companies Are Pulling Back On The NewFronts
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 20, 2017
Amazon: Mistakes Brands Make
Google Reportedly Prepping Ad Blocker
Marketers Losing Millions From Slow-Loading Web Site Pages
Google Home Solves Major Flaw For Advertisers
Q1 Media Spend Ticks Up, Digital 6% Higher
Consumers Trust Apple, Amazon Over Google, Microsoft For Voice Payments
EU Takes Note Of Google Ad Blocker
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Google Gets Paid Through Knowledge Graph
Yahoo Search Revs Jump, Display Dips, As Co. Approaches Verizon Takeover
McDonald's Unbranded Campaign Asks Viewers To Google Coke
Nielsen Takes Firmer Hold On Digital, Cites Google Partnership
Shop 'Till You Drop: Millennials, Email And Showrooming
Facebook Unveils AR App Platform, Envisions Transformed Future
Internal Marketing Can Solve For 'Distraction Principle'
David Attenborough Is Your New Wildlife Guide On Google Earth
Google Wallet Addition To Gmail Shows Email's Potential
Facebook Messenger Adding Spotify Via 'Chat Extensions'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Co-op Funds Move Online Reaching More Gen Z, Millennials
Harte Hanks Plans To Sell 3Q Digital After Financial Fall
Consumers Still Prefer Google, But Siri Has Her Fans
Scrapping Net Neutrality Would Be 'Disaster,' FTC's McSweeny Says
Don't Be Evil -- Revisited
Silicon Valley Sides With Yelp In Battle Over Takedown Order
Consumers Craving Smart Home Support
IBM: Watson's New Cognitive Capabilities Help Marketers, Expand Analytics
AT&T Merger With Time Warner Inches Forward
Facebook Crackdown Drives Demand For Spammers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 17, 2017
How OTT Services Will Change Search Advertising, Marketing
Google Accused Of Misrepresenting Fake Content Clean-Up
Google Reaches Android Antitrust Settlement In Russia
Advertising On VOD Rises 21%
Uber Can't Shake False Advertising Claims
IAB Group Releases New Features In Native Ad Spec For Comment
Storytelling And Research: Fumbling Around In The Dark
Global Gold Rush: Email Will Boom Through 2025
Consumers Can Stomach Ads In News Feeds, Research Shows
Is 'Instant Articles' Flailing?
The Remaking Of Mark Zuckerberg
Bloomberg: Trump Was Right To Sign Broadband Privacy Rollback
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