Television News Daily Editions for October 2016
Television News Daily - Monday, Oct. 31, 2016
National Geographic's Week Of Living Fabulously
Nielsen Pulls November Cable Estimates, Cites Potential 'Issue'
Original 'Daily Girl' Features In Hillary Clinton Ad
Let's Send The Trivago Guy Packing
Fox's World Series Continues To Score Big Ratings
Twitter, Apple TV Link For Live Comments
Earned Media Out Of Gas, Trump Now Spends Big On TV
Big Clients Big On Data To Manage Agencies, Media Metrics Rank Highest
Will Netflix's 'The Crown' Leave The BBC In The Shade?
Pros Assess PTV Data, Sales, Pricing Issues
Gotlieb Slams ANA Report On Transparency
'Stranger Things' Happening Through Google Allo
Kia Launches NBA-Themed Campaign
Television News Daily - Friday, Oct. 28, 2016
Trumping A TV Network: Self-promotion Would Be Trump's Biggest Ad Category
Facebook Helps TV Ads Reach An Additional 5% Of The Population Ignored By The Average Campaign
TV Network Ads Down 6%; NFL 30-Second Pricing Rises
Ambitious A&E Show Will Air 'Live' Police From Six Locales
Content Is Still King
Individualized Ads On TV Could Be One Result Of AT&T-Time Warner Merger
AT&T-Time Warner Merger Should Be Blocked, Bernie Sanders Tells DOJ
Political Advertising Is Boon For Meredith Earnings
DPAA's Barry Frey Makes Case For Digital Media
ANA Vows To Fight 'Misguided' Broadband Privacy Rules
Amazon Warns Its TV Costs Will Eat Some Profit
Video Marketers Must Capture Consumers' Shift To Interactivity
Senate Panel Calls 'Wrong' Time Warner CEO To Testify
Media Deals Slow In 3Q; Economic Uncertainties To Blame
PlayStation Vue Comes To Android TV
'Economist' Kicks Off DRTV Campaign In U.S.
Television News Daily - Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016
The Impact Of Binge-Watching
YouTube's Wojcicki: We're Not Netflix
Stirring A Sonic Boom: Branded Entertainment Deal With Kellie Pickler
CBS Bellies Up To The Genius Bar For Another Round
Bienvenue Au Canada
Hollywood Players Leak Movies To File-Sharing Sites
NBCU Posts Strong Q3 Results Due To Summer Olympics
Local Ads Up Single Digits In 2017, Digital Gains Sharper
NFL Down In Ratings, Other Sports Vary
Turner Sports, Google Create, Post Video Ads During Game
African American Millennials 1/4 Of Black Population
FCC Passes Broad Privacy Rules, Limits Behavioral Advertising By Broadband Providers
NBA Sponsors Prep Activations
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016
Thanks To Its Merciless Abuse Of Millennials, CBS Sitcom Is Fall's Best New Show
Streaming Content Soars: TV Sets Remain Top Device
Programmatic TV Prospects Appear Better With Proposed AT&T/Time Warner Tie-up
AT&T Announces DirecTV Now Launch, Price
Better Health Care TV Ads? Finding Fun, New Consumer Targets
NBCU Posts Strong Q3 Results Due To Summer Olympics
UPDATE: Far From Netflix, But Amazon On A Roll
Roku, comScore To Deliver Video Ad Measurement Based On vCE
VOD Watchers View TV Shows Longer
CW's Seed Will Showcase 'Tough Mudder'
First 'Most Interesting Man' TV Spot Tweaks Formula
Political Ads Found To Suppress Effectiveness of Brand Advertising
Univision Pushes Back On Fusion Joining WGA Union
What The AT&T Merger Can Learn From AOL-Time Warner
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016
Alive And Still Kicking: Norman Lear On 'American Masters'
Nielsen Unveils 'National' Out-Of-Home TV Service Based On 44 Markets
HBO Now May Not Survive AT&T-Time Warner Merger, Lawmaker Warns
National TV Prices Firm Up In September: Cable Gains, Broadcast Erodes
The Politicalization Of Television
Nielsen Registers Weak 3Q Financials, Lower Marketing Biz Blamed
The Return Of BMW Films Is Brand Marketing As (Awesome) Collision Sport
McCarthy Promoted To President, MTV, WH1, Logo
Outlook Mixed On Implications Of AT&T Time Warner Tie-Up
LiveStream Floats The Next Big Thing
AT&T Merger With Time Warner May Not Face FCC Review
Culture Secretary Signals Alarm At Gambling Advertising
ITV Layoffs Loom As Brexit Nears
Television News Daily - Monday, Oct. 24, 2016
Network With A Plan: CBS Monday Sitcoms Are Nearly Identical
Early AT&T/Time Warner Merger Reports See Trouble Ahead
Netflix Goes Looking For $800M More
AT&T Deal For Time Warner Faces Skeptical Scrutiny
AT&T, Time Warner To Merge Into New Media Behemoth
Channel 4 Starts Great British Bake Off Sponsorship Bids At GBP8m
AT&T Marketing Practices Part II: Zeroing In
National TV NFL Advertising Sales Slightly Higher
Nasty Men, Napping Women
Video May Be Everywhere, But It Will Take Center Stage At The DPAA This Week: A Conversation With Barry Frey
Weather Channels Its Inner Nerd: Uses Science To Attract Viewers, Brands Too
Brands See Horror With 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'
TV/Video Viewers: Data Vs. Assumptions
What New FCC Restrictions Would An AT&T/Time Warner Deal Have?
Big Turnout For Streamed Xbox Game Promotion
Kids Drive Parents' Use Of More Streaming Services
Television News Daily - Friday, Oct. 21, 2016
TV Ad Spending Slips In September; Overall Media Spend Higher
Your Media, Voting Machines And Swamp Are Rigged. Rig Up a Funny-Looking TV New Net
Sundance Finds Clever Way To Position Five TV Classics
Is NBCUniversal Putting Another $200M Into Buzzfeed?
NBA To Broadcast In Virtual Reality
Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones
Third Presidential TV Debate Lures 71M Viewers
Channel 4 Presenter Criticises Press Regulator Stance On Hate Speech
Third-Quarter TV Ad Ratings Sink
Political Voters Split Along Brand Preference Lines
Post-Olympic Hangover, Top Ad Spenders Decline In September
TV Through The Ages: How Content Has Changed Over The Last 70 Years
Is AT&T Mulling A Time Warner Merger?
Third Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Makes History
Teads Enables Advertisers To Turn TV Creative Into Vertical Video For Mobile
Clinton's Debate Performance Is Securing A Win
The Royals' Queen Helena Finds Joy In Our Electoral Misery
2 Billion Home Networked Consumer Entertainment Devices Expected By 2019
Television News Daily - Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016
Uncivil Warriors: Final Debate Was A Frosty Face-Off
Google Starts New TV Service Unplugged, CBS Signs On
Brexit Fears Could Lead To TV Ad Slump
2016: The Year OTT Video Won Over Sports TV
NFL TV Ratings Down Double Digits, Total TV Up
PBS Doc Series 'POV' Makes Snapchat History
Let The Skinny Wars Commence!
TV Buyers Care More About Price, Size Than Brand
Channel 4 Defends Facebook Live Coverage Of Battle For Mosul
When I Grow Up I Don't Want To Be An Astronaut Anymore
Videology Releases New Installment Of Series On Advanced Linear TV Advertising
Google Pulls Online, Offline Survey Data Into Analytics 360
Optimedia's Musi: Video Measurement Falling Further Behind Accelerating Viewing Changes
Publicis Media Does Not Want Another Walled Garden
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016
Had Enough? Embattled Nation Mulls Skipping Third Debate
Millennials Would Pay For Better TV Program Search
What Trump TV Will Mean For Advertisers
Walmart Expands Vudu, Free Ad-Supported Movie Service
Lying About What You Watch On TV? Heavens No!
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
Trump's Vanishing Entertainment Value
SpotX Partners With BrightLine To Automate Interactive Video Ad Sales For Connected TV
The Trade Desk Opens Up
Digital Engagement Index
Using A.I. To Measure Marketing: Q&A With Adgorithms' Or Shani
Netflix Numbers Continue To Surge
Ofcom Dismisses 139 Allegations Of Media Bias Against Jeremy Corbyn
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016
Despite One Critic's Pans, Three CBS Shows Are Doing Fine
C3 Impressions Grow, Ad Loads Rise
Fast Maturing OTT Big Data -- And How To Use It
NBCU Makes Senior Ad Staff Changes
This TV Season, Second-Screeners Seem Chattier Than Ever
Through The Lips And Over The Gums, To Programmatic TV Liquor Has Come
Election 2016: Rigged Or Reality Show?
Addressable: Watch The TV Program Ad, Watch The TV Show
Advocates Press FCC To 'Unlock' Cable Boxes, Pass Privacy Rules
Purcell Heads Video For Vox Media
How Bad Was Donald Trump's Week, Really?
Duracell Powers Light Sabers In Other Galaxies, Imaginations At Home
Digital Video Advertising's Perception Gap
Video Streaming Startup Pluto TV Gets $30M
Spotify CEO Assumes Chairmanship
Everything Is Fine At Netflix, Again
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