Videology Releases New Installment Of Series On Advanced Linear TV Advertising

Videology, a provider of software for converged TV and video advertising, on Thursday released the latest installment of its educational series dubbed “Knowledge Labs.” The latest installment focuses on the advanced TV ecosystem and aims to offer a deeper understanding of the new players in it as the process for planning and buying TV advertising expands to technology companies, content aggregators, and data providers. 

Videology defines the two broad categories of the advanced linear TV ecosystem. They are:

--Data-enabled TV, which has the ability to overlay data segments on traditional linear TV to more effectively deliver ads to the desired strategic target.

--Addressable TV, which offers the ability to implement one-to-one targeting at the household level. 

The piece begins with the primary roles in the ecosystem on both the supply and demand side, including advertisers, agencies, demand-side platforms (DSPs), media owners, mulltichannel video programming distributor (MVPDs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), aggregators, and data and measurement providers. The latest installment examines the changes each role has undergone as advanced ad solutions evolve in the converged TV space. 



Videlology's Knowledge Lab also offers a visual representation of data’s role in different TV buying models and explains three frequently used approaches to executing linear TV advertising campaigns: the traditional buying/selling approach, the data-enabled TV buying/selling approach, and the addressable TV buying/selling approach. 

“We consistently talk with agencies and brand marketers looking for clarity about the evolution of the advanced TV world. Things are changing rapidly and it’s easy to get confused with the myriad of information available. As with all of our Knowledge Labs, we put this piece together to try and cut through the noise so advertisers can focus on what matters to them— driving results,” Tim Castree, managing director of North America, Videology, told Real-Time Daily via email.


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