Video Daily Editions for March 2015
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Michelle Phan's New Icon Plans A Worldwide Splash
All The News That's Fit For One Sentence: NYT Unveils New Short-Form Story
Why Brands Will Pay Attention To Twitter's Periscope Over Meerkat
Comcast Invests $4B In New Company Led By Michael Angelakis
Up Periscope, Down Vessel: Mobile Video Growing Pains
OTT Viewers Click Off With Great Frequency
Kill The Bots First, Then Tackle Viewability
NEW! Sword Play Meets Foreplay In Wilkinson Sword Video
Wearables Off To Strong Start
Teads, Turn Partner For Programmatic Video
Why The Ad Industry Needs To Go On A Cookie Diet
Mountain Dew Launches Its First Global Campaign, Reviving 'Do the Dew'
Attention Narcissists: No Selfie Sticks Allowed At Coachella, Lolapalooza
Now TV Links TV Ads To Paid Search
A&E, Lifetime Withhold Some Programs From Sling TV
Video Daily - Monday, March 30, 2015
IAB Issues An Addendum To Tackle Mobile Video Advertising Specs
TV Upfront Forecast To Be Weak
Up Periscope, Down Vessel: Mobile Video Growing Pains
Meredith Taps Martin As Chief Strategy Officer
Going Beyond Broadcast: Build Better Experiences For Connected Sports Fans
ZO Cuts Its 2015 Global Ad Spending Forecast
Mobile Is Driving Ad Spending This Year And Next
Programmatic Buys Expected To Jump 21% This Year, Ad Exec Plans Outpace Publishers
Before You Go Meerkating/Periscoping...
Millennial Branding
AT&T, Coke Zero Seeing Tourney Benefits
Facebook, Twitter Will Get A Third Of Display Ads In 2017
Meerkat May Be Heading Into 'Legal Minefield'
Facebook Pitching Advertisers On 'Anthology' Package
Video Daily - Friday, March 27, 2015
A Young Investor Explains Why YouTube Will Be Just Fine
Facebook Tests Immersive Video Newsfeed
Facebook Signs WWE Deal, 'Trending' Posts From WrestleMania
Setting The Table For Cross-Screen Video Integration
Twitter Relaunches Periscope, Video Complements Service
Comcast Critics Blast 'See-You-In-Court Attitude'
Video Ad Platform Innovid Raises $10M In New Round
TV Everywhere Makes Gains, iPad Viewing Most Popular
Google Brings Back YouTube Preferred Upfront, Metrics Show Mobile's Contribution
Upcoming Conference: The Monsters Of A Rapidly Changing Media Landscape
What The Wha? What Is Apple TV Anyway?
Net Neutrality Advocates Warn Of 'Specialized Services' Loophole
FCC Head: Open Internet Rules Advance Interests Of Millions Of Web Users
Three Reasons You Should Read That Column I Wrote On Exponential Technologies
Video Daily - Thursday, March 26, 2015
Conviva Study Shows One Out Of Three Will Ditch Bad Video Stream
Fullscreen Announces 'Uploader' Making It Easy For Creators To Post To Facebook
Mediaocean Adds TV To Cross-Screen Advertising Mix Via 2 Partnerships
Facebook Transforms Messenger Into Platform To Distribute Apps
For Cord-Cutters Prime Time Is, Well, Prime Time
More Screens Are Better Than One: ESPN Unveils New Cross-Screen Research At 4As
FTC Defends Decision Not To Prosecute Google
Sorrell Says Rush To Digital May Need To Be Reconsidered
Why Will Ferrell's Spring Training Stunt Was A Grand Slam For Baseball
Tasty Vs. Tasteless: Does Sex Sell?
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Watching Cat Videos For A Good Cause
Unruly's New Targeting Tech Predicts Audience Emotions
More Screens Are Better Than One: ESPN Unveils New Cross-Screen Research At 4As
Is Autoplay The Way All Video Advertising Is Going?
Can You Identify Your Audience?
'Kimmy Schmidt' Has A Bright New Take On Victimization
Virool Rolls Out New Video Ad Unit
AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Says Agencies Are All Talk And Little Action
Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Are Becoming The Establishment
Dodging The Commercial Dodger
Videology Joins FreeWheel 'FourFronts' Marketplace
AOL Lets Roku Users Get 'Connected' First
Facebook Wants To Co-Produce Video With Media Firms
Marriott Launches Online Travel Guide
YouTube Sees Future In Live-Streaming Esports
U.S. Broadband Speeds Show Increase
Taco Bell Employs Au Courant Rebel Spirit Theme For Latest Breakfast Ads
New OTT TV Gets Pricier
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Vessel Debuts: Putting A Price On Short Videos
NFL Airs Net-Only Game To Test TV Platform
Video Broadcasting App Meerkat Raises $12M
For Millennials 13-24, Digital Delivers!
Twitter Tests Auto-Play Video Ads
Looks Like TiVo Has A New Logo
Pay-TV Revenue On Downswing; OTT Rising Up
Google's New CFO Comes From Wall Street
How Much Should Media Companies Work With Facebook?
Mobile To Dominate Digital Ad Spend In 2016
Programmatic Insourcing: It's The New In-House Media-Buying
Live Streaming Service YouNow Finds Audience
POPSUGAR; Jill Weinstein, Lynn Pine, Sally Moulton and Liz Ryan
Inneractive Adds Chen To Lead Expanding NY Office
Disney Grows Game Downloads
Video Daily - Monday, March 23, 2015
The Inevitability Of Bad Outcomes
Native: Why And How
Look For News About NYT Now 2.0, Coming Soon
AOL's Tim Armstrong And Other Media Luminaries Take The Stage Tuesday
Gun Shop PSA Shows Customers Guns Used In Murders; Hidden Camera Shows React
Digimedia, Telenovelas, AD-Skip And Post Boomers Drive Product Placement Growth
The Viewable Impression: The First Step To An Audience-Based Digital Currency
Ad Council Campaign Embraces Diversity Through Love
Google Fiber TV Ad Trials Test Real-Time Data
Video Daily - Friday, March 20, 2015
Forensiq CEO Sendroff's (Probably) Endless Campaign Against The Botnet Fraudsters
Conde Nast Entertainment Taps Rapt For Interactive Video
How About Proof That Your Advertising Worked?
New Pricing Model Could Drive User Attention For Multiscreen Online Video
FTC Closed Antitrust Case Against Google Despite Negative Staff Report
HBO, Showtime, Sony Want An Out On Data Caps
Republicans Blast FCC's 'Politically Motivated' Net Neutrality Rules
Mars' Temptations Intros 'Snacky Mouse' Treat Dispenser
Five Ways To Increase Mobile Conversions
This Bud's For Me? Really!?! Just Me?
Google, Bing Analyze March Madness Behavior To Make Predictions
Air France's Safety Presentation Does Little On The Safety Front
L'Oreal Spotlights Dalmatians For Skin Cancer Push
The Importance Of Relationships To Millennial Moms
Video Daily - Thursday, March 19, 2015
Two To 'One,' AOL Platform Now Targets Facebook And Twitter Users
For Discovery Founder Hendricks, A New Curious Turn To Streaming Video
Fram Launches New Digital Platform For Its Sponsored Athletes
L'Oreal Spotlights Dalmatians For Skin Cancer Push
Speedo Creates Homage Video To Those Who Love The Water
NEW! A Gun Store With History Opens In New York City
Yahoo Integrates Programmatic Video Ad Buying, Targeting Across BrightRoll
Sony's Vue Is REALLY Intended As A Cable Alternative
New York Times Likes the AppleTV Idea
Why Some Of The New Disruptors Aren't Quite Baked
Sundays Drive Video Commerce, Videos Drive Sales
Yahoo Pulling Out Of China
Facebook Chief Warns Brands Not To Ignore Visual Communications, Such As Stickers
TV Networks May Face Musical-Chair Future
CMOs Must Get Mobile Out Of Its 'Channel' Ghetto
Apple Forging Ahead With Programmatic Plans
Reclaiming The Value Of Viewability
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Premium Publishers Including Guardian, Reuters, FT Launch Programmatic Alliance
A Video Format That Lets You Layer More Info All Around It
Apple TV Service To Share User Data With Programmer Partners
How Standardization Is Helping Native Advertising Scale
With A Few Tweaks, CuriosityStream Launches
Wheeler Says Obama Didn't Issue 'Secret Instructions' On Net Neutrality
Ooyala Launches Programmatic Marketplace For Video
Good News For Digital, Bad News For Everybody Else In February
Funny Or Die Taps Multipop For Interactive Ads
4 Types Of Instagram Hashtags And How To Make Them Work For Your Brand
Facebook Could Gobble Up A Good Chunk Of TV's Advertising Revenue By 2017, Wall Street Analyst Says
Tim Cook On Getting Products "Right"
Virool Unveils Facial Tracking Technology To Measure Emotions
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