Video Daily Editions for December 2016
Video Daily - Friday, Dec. 30, 2016
Believe Me: The Word Of The Year Was 'Fake'
70% Of U.S. TV Nets Lost Traditional Pay TV Subscribers
Social Video Viewing Enhances Purchasing
Forecast: Worldwide Advertising To Hit Double-Digit Gains In 2017
Convicted Singapore Vlogger Seeks Asylum In U.S.
Content Is Still King
OTT Technologies Continue To Take Hold
Look For More Audience-Based Selling, While TV Needs To Use First-Party Data
College Choice Ranks Best Master's In Marketing Degrees
63% In U.S. Say They Are Not Aware Of Virtual Reality
Audi Spain: Both Girls, Boys Drive Cars
3 Things 2016 Taught Us About Millennials' Relationship With Media
Another Tough Year For Twitter
Former Hardee's Actress Discusses Sexist Ads
Video Daily - Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016
The Soul Searching Of You Tube Talent
How Artificial Intelligence Ties Into Programmatic Media
How Will Native Advertising And Content Marketing Unfold In 2017?
StreamRail Reports Uptick In VPAID Use
Personalized Video Ads Could Be Huge
'NYT' Marks 100 Million Live Streams On Facebook
Journalism In 2017
What We'll Be Talking About In 2017
Twitter Debuts 360-Degree Live Streams
More TV Advertising For Virtual Reality Expected
Even Sony Music Is Making Video
What America Ate, Drank And Saw In 2016
Video Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016
In 2016, Video Got Really Personal
Disney And Hulu Enter Exclusive Subscription Streaming Rights Deal
Looking Forward To A New Year
OMG, OED! 'YouTuber' Is Now An Official Word. Word!
How Will Native Advertising And Content Marketing Unfold In 2017?
Amazon Prime's Lousy International Start
Sharing VR With Families
Snapchat Buying AR Startup, Says Report
Year in Review: The Biggest Media, Ad Stories Of '16
Earned Media, Strategic Timing Pushed Trump Over The Edge
Rethinking CPG Brands For A More Fluid Age
Supplier Of The Year: Adblock Plus
Digital Ad Market Soars 20% In Q3, Approaches $18 Billion
Google Releases Tutorial On AdMob Native Ads Express For iOS
Research Says Gen Z Has Fairly High Degree Of Trust In Online 'News'
Video Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016
The Unstoppable Streaming Video
Brands Will Be Less 'Branded' In 2017
Twitter 'Bug' Inflates Video Ad Metrics By 35%, Says Report
News Networks See Big 2016 Gains, Non-News Channels Less So
Apple Publishes First AI Research
Google Mobile-First Indexing Ranking May Not Initially Consider Site Speed
2017 Looking Like A Better Year For IPOs
The Biggest Trends To Rethink Going Into 2017
Why Fox Wants You To Pay Attention To What David Levy Is Doing
Using Multiple Social Platforms Linked To Depression
The Magic of the Internet Through My Dad's Eyes
Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Media Buys SpinMedia Assets
Video Daily - Friday, Dec. 23, 2016
2017 Foretold: Outstreams, Alexa, Vertical Video
State Farm Partners With Yahoo Sports
What I Learned From The Year's Most Watched Brand Videos, 2016 Edition
Hearst Digital Reports Record Traffic Growth Across 6 Brands
DirecTV Now Customers Buffered By Glitches
Virtual Reality Headset Shipments Forecast To 61M
CNET Feature Connects Smart Devices To Platforms
Twitter Bug Inflates Ad View Numbers
News Cycle Sent Video Views, Ads Flying High
Smirnoff Targets Millennials With Campaign That Celebrates Diversity
For PTV, 2016 Brought Advanced Data Advancement
Broadcast TV Nets Gain 4% In Q4 TV Ad Revs
The Year That Kinda Sorta Was For Millennials
Commercial-Free Sports TV? Fox Takes A Solo Shot
Was 2016 The Gold Rush Year For Programmatic Video?
Video Daily - Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016
Special People Get Special Treatment On Facebook Live
AT&T Brings Santa To Facebook Live
Broadcast, Ad-Supported Cable Witness Declines, But Digital TV On Roll
Will 'Huffington Post' Close 'Rise'? Rumor Contested
Meet Ryan, YouTube's Big Star, Just 5 Years Old
Digital, Social Opportunities For Marketers In 2017
'Inc' Mag Has Most Profitable Year In Decade
Baidu Prepping IPO For video-streaming Site
The Importance Of 'False Positive' Brand Advocates
Publicis Media Scoops Up Fiat Chrysler, Mars Accounts
ListenFirst Adds Twitter TV Data, Ending Nielsen Lock
NEW! Delta Launches Holiday Video, 'Two Words'
Zuckerberg: Facebook "New Kind Of Platform"
Video Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016
Taste Test: PS Vue, Sling TV and DirecTV Now
Russian Fraud Report Causes Ad Tech Firms To Double-Down
6 Challenges For Native Advertising In 2017
Unruly Brings Emotions To Programmatic Via 'Emotional PMPs'
Peretti's BuzzFeed View Of The Internet
Where To Invest 2017 New Product Marketing Dollars
Strong Upfront Revenues Continue To Flow Into Fall, Scatter Declines
Instagram Adds Stickers Feature
Bad Customer Service? Gen Zers Will Tell You Where To Go (No Place Good)
Snap Gears Up With Ad Tech
Second-Party Data Is Needed To Understand Audiences
What Will Donald Trump's Press Office Look Like?
'Star Wars' Taps MLB, Topps To Assure Fans Get Real Autographs
Facebook Adds 'Live Audio'
Video Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016
Branded Content Also Counts Subscribers
IAB Wants Full Transition To HTML5 By July
Fiat Takes Viewers On 360 Journey
Digital Media Spend Dips, Football Takes A Hit
Epileptic Journalist Targeted On Twitter With Strobe Video
Social VR Launches On Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift Next
Facebook Now Has Memorable Moments
Kik Adds Video Calling To App
Dove's Latest Tactic To Get Women To Define Their Own Beauty
SNL Sketch Reveals Dunkin' Donuts' Biggest Problems
Nintendo Share Price Drops As Mario Goes Mobile
At Home With Zuckerberg's Personalized AI
AOL: Next Frontier Is Bringing Header Bidding To Mobile In-App Advertising
Watson 2020: America's Self-Driving Presidency
Video Daily - Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
Are Ad Agencies A Thing Of The Past?
To Be Old, Sedentary And Watching YouTube
Alphabet Unveils Waymo's Modified Chrysler Pacifica
Traditional Media Braces For 6% Ad Drop
In 2017, Let's Make Advertising Great Again!
Who's Really Going To Live Tweet?
Global Pay TV Subscribers See Slight Uptick
What Amazon's Worldwide Push Means For Netflix, Competitors
'WaPo' Bows Automatic Fact Checker For Trump Tweets
Krispy Kreme Spoofs Apple Events To Announce Nutella-Topped Donut
No Ifs, Ands Or Bots
Hearst Ramps Up Header Bidding With Server-To-Server Integrations, Looks To Demystify Publisher Marketplace
Factual Sees Increased Sophistication In Use Of Mobile Data In 2017
DashBid Releases DBeX Engagement Spectrum, Moves Beyond Viewability
Holding Out For A Hero: Average Joes & Josephines
How Will The Media Industry Fare Under Trump?
Monday In The Park
Google, Facebook To Take 70% Of UK Digital Display Spend By 2020
Video Daily - Friday, Dec. 16, 2016
YouTube Offers To Help Creators Out Of MCN Deals
7 Ad-Serving Cos. Band Together To Create Ad Consortium
Online Video Habits Vary By Gender, Age
Publicis Retires Optimedia Brand To Create Global Identity For Blue 449
New Apps For Vimeo Make Watching Easier
2017 Predictions: Social TV 3.0, Distributed Content Woes, Continued Monetization
NBCU: Nielsen's Total Content Ratings Do 'Harm'
PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon Says 'Sequential Storyselling' Will Emerge
'Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story' Delivers For TV Advertising, Box Office
Augmented Reality Tapped For Holiday Toys
After Paying For Sports, What's Left For Sports Fans?
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